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Non-Profit hosting Virtual Workshop on Bullying for Families



Local organization Exquisite Kids is hosting a virtual workshop on bullying for the families of pre-adolescents and adolescents on Thursday, April 15th, 2021 at 7 pm. The event is set to take place virtually on the organization’s website

The virtual workshop is an hour and a half long discussion on the significant impacts of bullying for pre-adolescents and adolescents, and how their families and communities can help them, and combat bullying overall. The workshop will be lead by the founder of Exquisite Kids, Kimberly Bowman, whose own experiences with bullying influenced her to found the organization.

“Bullying is one of those issues that most kids face, but no one ever really acknowledges the negative impacts it can have on your life, even when you are older,” Bowman said. “I understand how frustrating it can be, especially for parents who aren’t often supported by the schools as they should be when their child is being bullied.”

Over the past few years, the problematic aspects of bullying have received national coverage. Unfortunately, bullying is still an ongoing issue. Countless people continuously experience the dramatic impacts and aftereffects of bullying. In some of the worst-case scenarios, people have taken their own lives, viewing this final act as the only way to escape their bullies. For these reasons and many others, an anti-bullying culture has never been more imperative.

The event will also allow parents, educators, and community leaders to share their experiences with bullying, along with useful resources for student and their families.

“Bullying just isn’t an issue that students face,” Bowman said. “It’s a problem for everyone in a community. I’m hoping that this workshop will not only serve as an educational opportunity on the severity of the matter but also the power we have to change things.”

For more information about this event and Exquisite Kids, visit

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