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8 Things to Do Without the Internet



Are you free and want to spend time pleasantly? In this case, you can play a PC game, scroll the feed, or play in Yet, what if you have no Internet connection? Then these activities are great for you!

Throw Out the Garbage

It’s as much about the old stuff in the house as it is about the junk in your head. A day without the Internet is a good reason to think about how rationally the time is spent, whether the activities on which it is spent are really important. You need to get rid of everything that gets in the way of development, causes negativity and just does not make sense.

Think About What You Really Want

Surfing the web, people forget about what really inspires them. Do you dream of starting your own company, learning a new language, or going to the carnival? Determine what you’re missing to achieve your goal and think of the shortest way to make up the missing links to it.

Make a Plan

Perhaps you do not arrange your work time efficiently and could give more of it to training, self-development and hobbies? With a proper schedule, you can always improve the current state. Of course, you don’t have to follow it without amendments, but its presence will make you think twice about the need to open your social network.

Take Care of Your Body

Go to the gym or work out at home. Physical activity helps you stay energized and oxygenates your brain, making it work more efficiently, which is so important for a good mood, successful learning and productive work.

Get Creative

Draw, write a poem or learn to play the African drum. These activities will shake you up.

Get Outdoors

Get out of the apartment, unwind and enjoy a winter wonderland. Take a walk in the woods or at least the nearest park.


It’s not important whether you use some advanced technology or just relax in a comfortable position with pleasant music. The main thing is to feel out of your everyday routine and come back with clear thoughts.


Firstly, it is a source of new ideas. Secondly, reading, especially literature that requires deep reflection, is a good way to bring back the brain’s ability to concentrate for a long time.


After all, constant use of the Internet, namely switching between browser windows, affects thinking. It becomes more flexible, multitasking, but one loses the ability to concentrate on one thing for a long time.

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