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Apartment Living Is Booming. What’s The Trick To Modern Charleston Urban Life?



Charleston is enjoying a renaissance in apartment building as new developments continue to shoot up. The Post and Courier have highlighted the fact that a huge 23 new apartment projects are rising up throughout the Charleston area, outlining the community that the Holy City is attracting. Apartment life is often favored by young professionals and families looking to enjoy their life in a small and comfortable space while keeping costs down. However, depending on where you are in Charleston, your experience might be entirely different from the next person’s.
The Cool Park Circle
Probably a symbol of the up-and-coming neighborhoods of Charleston and its rapidly increasing populace, Park Circle is a massively regenerated area well-known for its vibrant and youthful lifestyle. Mixing new cool developments with the old-school community feel of Charleston and wider SC, The Culture Trip rates it as one of the most enjoyable places to visit – and live. Given the newer nature of the area, apartment developments are new, and often tap into that community feel. When looking for accommodation, be mindful, then, of the flat vs apartment distinction; if you want your own self-contained area, apartments are fine. However, there is growing interest in the communal living theme of flats, which is an important difference, but one that you might warm to.
Historic Downtown
A little further up the price scale, but still not reaching the absurd prices seen in bigger cities, Downtown is, for many, the place to be. The streets marry together the vibrancy of modern Charleston with the beauty of the old colonial houses and curious pan-European style. The UK’s Daily Telegraph particularly lauds the local area for its frank discussion of the history of SC, something which many consider essential to continuing to develop the city and its community. For apartments, you’re likely looking at roomy, yet more expensive, older builds. These often have character, but do come with the caveat of having problems associated with older buildings. Be wary of renting, but do enjoy the charm of the neighborhood.
Enjoying West Ashley
Not strictly within city limits and more of a suburb, West Ashley is nonetheless highlighted by as a prime example of a very affordable but also very characterful and high quality neighborhood. Peaceful and calm, it provides the perfect area to stay in if you want to enjoy quiet within touching distance of the hubbub of the city. Perhaps lacking in the classic charm of Charleston, it is nevertheless a great area in which to reside, and will offer great value for money, especially on rentals. This is arguably the pragmatic choice and, again, will give much better value and enjoyment than many other areas of the USA. You can also check rent price trends in Charlotte, North Carolina if you want to go north. It’s also a good option.
Finding a good spot in Charleston is, then, not difficult. In fact, with so much quality, and for such a low price, it’s hard to make a mistake. Just make yourself aware of what each area brings, and make sure you find a space that suits you.
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