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Bestselling Nonfiction Books Among College Students



Taking a break from my regular groundbreaking subjects, such as “Spongebob writing an essay,” I decided to switch topics.

Students are the future, both in an abstract and more literal sense. From our Universities will graduate the next generation of leaders, doctors, lawyers, and politicians. Like it or not, the influences that shape these people will affect the larger society in just a few years.

In terms of reading, fiction books have deeper abstract meanings for sure. However, most people read these works for entertainment’s sake and not to form their opinions on a reality.

Non-fiction books are true brain-builders. You can tell a lot about a student just by checking out his/her non-fiction reading list.

It should be mentioned that the following article will analyze some books that sell well. This may not necessarily indicate their value or validity, just that they are popular.

That being said, let’s take a look at some of the most popular, best-selling non-fiction books among college students.


Everybody Writes by Ann Hadley

If my college years have proven something, it is that the concept of generalized intelligence quickly falls to the wayside when met with the real world. There are math geniuses who can barely string a sentence, and there are brilliant creatives who cannot even get introductory chemistry. It seems that brains are wired and predisposed to different tasks.

Everybody Writes is a book that tries to make even non-writers write well. Even if you’re not wired for writing, Ann Hadley’s work should give you a crash course in content creation, inbound marketing, and expert writing.

The book incorporates many useful sources, merged into a basic “how-to” guide.

The most important lesson is that the book teaches you the importance of words in the world of business. While raw logistics will fill most of your time as an entrepreneur, each comma and statement will make the difference between failure or prosperity.

Everybody Writes can be considered required reading not only for future entrepreneurs but for all students and graduates. No matter the quality of your thoughts, they mean nothing if you can’t express them adequately.


Lean In For Graduates by SHERYL SANDBERG

You will never feel as powerless, disoriented, and cheated as when you graduate from college. Many people do not understand the current marketplace and its pitfalls.

The common misconception we are told is that college is hard, expensive, and it will eat up most of your productive years. However, you can make this sacrifice as a student to improve your future.

After you graduate, big money will come, and it will all be worth it.

This is not the experience of most people. Many find their advanced degree to be a shelf-stuffer as they deliver food or serve coffee. School teaches you nothing about passing interviews, managing money and taxes, and working in a field.

This is why Lean In For Graduates is so essential. The book can be used as a startup guide for your professional life.

It is written by the COO of Facebook, and it has some excellent advice for landing your first job. The writing isn’t overly-optimistic, nor does it scare you. You are just presented with info on how to apply for a position and how to increase your odds of landing that job.

It is to be appreciated that the book is not outdated. It is not just some tome from the 1950s when the economy was booming. It is relevant for the millennial generation and the digitalized and globalized economy.


A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking

After Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking is possibly one of the most recognizable scientists in the world. Usually, experts gather fan clubs from their own fields of activity. Hawking managed to break that barrier and inspire the awe of people who are not particularly oriented towards his area of expertise.

A Brief History of Time explains the most complicated cosmology concepts in lamen’s terms, easy to understand for everyone, even for a writer such as I. Each idea, each mention, is backed by a blackboard filled with equations and relevant data. Yet, you are given the easy to read conclusions of these hefty subjects.

It is incredible to read about the realities of our Cosmos. The human mind can barely grasp the numbers and scale involved. The book certainly captivated the imagination of at least two generations.

In fact, it spawned the trend of titling your books and articles with “A Brief History of…” amongst authors.

Hawking is also very blunt with his beliefs, not pulling any punches. He does not go out of his way to offend, nor does he sugarcoat realities that he perceives to be valid.

So, if you like cosmology, abstract concepts, Black Holes, and Stars, this is the book for you.


Weird Ideas That Work by Robert I. Sutton

It doesn’t take a genius to walk the beaten path, and that’s the problem. Conventional, decent jobs are harder to get because of our globalized marketplace. In many fields, you are competing with people from across the globe.

This reality dictates that decency and mediocrity are simply not enough. You have to stand out or stand aside.

Weird Ideas That Work is an excellent book because it presents unconventional concepts and methods. In a crowded box that barely has room for you, you have to think outside it.

For aspiring entrepreneurs, this book can be considered required reading. It does not matter what field you want to select. It is as useful for agriculturalists as it is for software developers or magazine editors.

Even if you do not intend to go into the private sector, it is fascinating to read this human ingenuity compilation. Also, the facts presented will at least make you a more informed consumer.



There is much to know and little time to learn it.

Most students learn after graduation because college does an incomplete job of preparing you for the workforce.

This is despite the price tag that only a millionaire can carelessly pay-off.

It falls on you to complete your education on your own time and at your own pace.

The books presented on this list can help you do so. Aside from professor Hawking’s tome, which is more interesting than most fiction, all the books presented have convenient advice that stands to improve your life.

Becoming a better and more expressive writer, starting a business, landing more interviews; these skills are not optional. They are essential, and in many ways, they constitute the bare minimum required in today’s marketplace.

Taking all of these observations into consideration, it becomes obvious why these books are so popular among college students.

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