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What Is Virtual Reality Dating And How Does It Work?



There is no denying that dating has changed greatly over the years. COVID has no doubt played a major role in some of these changes, but the Internet has forced just as many. In fact, it might be the Internet that has spawned more changes and alterations in the dating world. When you really sit down and think about it, that’s a pretty scary thing, considering just how big of an effect COVID had on the entire world. Well, the dating world and relationships are in for another shocking turn. This turn of events will be spearheaded by virtual and augmented realities.

The Rise Of Online Dating

Whether you are single, married, or still on the hunt, you can likely remember when online dating first started. It was kind of taboo at the time. Fortunately, this is certainly no longer the case. In fact, today, online dating is considered a social norm. Match, one of the world’s most popular dating sites, launched back in 1995. Tinder came in 2012. Now, virtual reality is here and it will likely inspire some of the biggest chances that the dating world will ever see. Dating apps and sites are pretty much the norm today. While this might be the case, one must still exercise a lot of caution when utilizing such tools. It seems that right around 53 percent of people lie on their profiles, while another 22 percent get friends to create their profiles. There is nothing wrong with the latter, as who knows you better than your friends and family? For this reason, people search directories become more and more actual, as people want to get true information about someone they are going to date in order to avoid any kind of abuse or offend.

What Is Virtual Reality Dating?

If you are single today and out there in the virtual dating world, it is likely that you’ve heard about virtual reality dating and VR Porn. While the two are completely different, they do share some similarities. The biggest similarity is to make an online meeting as real and lifelike as possible. Whether it is an intimate encounter or just a table date, this technology literally puts people there at the scene of the crime.

Virtual reality apps like FlitAR and Ruptly use virtual and augmented realities to not only make the dating experience more lifelike but to make it more effective. For instance, The League takes profile information from LinkedIn to vet signups so that only the approved individuals get through. FlirtAR, on the other hand, uses augmented reality to help match daters with other singles. It does this by utilizing facial recognition to help people find nearby singles. There are even some virtual dating sites that make the entire experience different by allowing patrons to date their favorite animated characters.

Get Online Dating Lessons

While the ultimate goal of online dating is to connect with the other individual that you are speaking with in person, this doesn’t necessarily make the experience all that much easier. It does, however, lighten the load because you get to know someone online before meeting them in person. Virtual reality could even help with the experience more by offering online dating lessons. Patrons and singles would get to set up augmented dates to help them prepare for the real ones.

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