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Hard Work Continues To Promote Disability Awareness And Employment In South Carolina



It has been a difficult year for businesses and employees across the nation, but one group that has been particularly hard-hit is the disabled community. As reported recently in The Post and Courier, South Carolina has the sixth highest unemployment rate for people living with disabilities in the U.S. Non-profit, Able SC, is asking more employers to consider hiring people with disabilities, although there are other needs (including the need for independent housing) that also require greater awareness and support.

Workforce Training

Currently, only 15% of people with disabilities are part of the workforce. The state needs to work to promote employment for those with disabilities, with specific programs that can serve as a bridge between individuals and businesses looking to hire. Recently, the Berkeley County Library partnered with South Carolina Vocational Rehabilitation to increase awareness about services being offered to people with disabilities wishing to find jobs. This has been achieved through a dedicated program that offers online evaluation and assessment, job readiness training, adult internships, and other types of training that can boost confidence in people who may have been jobless for a long while.

The Fight For Accessible And Affordable Housing In Charleston, SC 

For many people living with a long-term disability – such as those with cerebral palsy – a lifelong aim is to enjoy greater independence. Thus, surgery options for cerebral palsy can improve movement and alignment in areas like the hips, legs, ankles and arms. This and other non-surgical approaches can increase a child’s chance of living independently in the future, which is vital, considering that in South Carolina, there are over 10,600 people with disabilities who have aging caregivers. Beyond BASIC is one Charleston, SC organization that is working to promote an awareness of the need for independent housing opportunities for people with disabilities. This organization focuses on adults with intellectual disabilities, helping them to develop independent living skills, but similar work is required for people with mobility and other physical problems that do not have to be impediments when it comes to living an independent life.

Disability Programs Leading The Way

Just a few disability programs centered on advocating for the rights of people with disabilities in South Carolina include the Arc of South Carolina, which is working to ensure that people with disabilities have the service and support required to grow, develop, and live in the community. The Center for Disability Resources is another organization that works to ensure the full inclusion of people with disabilities in every aspect of society. There are also a few organizations focusing on specific needs – including autism, and  hereditary and genetic conditions.

The work of awareness advocates for disability may have been somewhat curtailed recently, but as we enter into the new year, there will be a need for plenty of work in their speciality. People who live with a disability will continue to face challenges such as a high unemployment rate and little opportunity for independent living. Local, state, and national governments will need to step in to provide the disabled community with more training and education opportunities in areas like employment, entrepreneurship, and independent living
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