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Rush Bowls Delivers Refreshing & Delicious Rush



Charleston’s WestEdge Eatery Offers Up All Natural Fruit Laced Bowls & Smoothies

By: Jeff Walker, Restaurant Review

Rather than sit around and watch each other grow old gracefully, husband and wife Hugh and Linda Gordon decided to spend their days feeding the cravings of health conscious food lovers in Charleston. While neither had a food and beverage background, they did have a strong desire for fitness and nutrition, which led the happily married couple of 34 years, to open Rush Bowls, an all natural cafe serving up nutritious fruit blended bowls and smoothies.

The national franchise with 30 plus locations got its start in Denver circa 2004, with Hugh and Linda opening the very first Rush Bowls in South Carolina this past June in the WestEdge area of downtown Charleston. Hugh a recently retired pilot with FedEx, learned to fly during a 26 year career in the USAF. His lovely wife followed him all over the world during his military career, spending a majority of her time doing volunteer and community work, dabbling for a short period in real estate.

Having no prior experience, Hugh came about an old USAF friend who matches potential franchise owners with businesses that best suited them. After going over more than a half dozen, Rush Bowls appeared to be the right fit for the Gordon’s. Since Hugh and Linda were customer service oriented, and she had previously taught physical fitness, the couple knew they were making the right choice.

But enough about the Gordon’s background and their willingness to serve the community, let’s get to part about the incredibly yummy, yet extremely nutritious fruit blended bowls and smoothies.

Maybe you’re asking ‘what is Rush Bowl?’ It’s an all-natural thick and creamy blend of fruits and vegetables, topped with delicious, crunchy, organic granola and a drizzle of honey. Their corporate site says it best, ‘it’s a complete meal-in-a-bowl designed to satisfy your hunger and fuel your rush’.

A bookoo aka plethora of flavors all under three different headings, ie Destination Bowls, Endurance Bowls, and Wellness Bowls, with several under 400 calories per serving, all designed to give you that extra rush morning, noon, or night.

The Berry Fresh bowl is scrumpdillyicious. A blended fruit base swirled in strawberry, blueberry, and raspberry juice with honey and granola. Sweet and crispy with just the right amount of ‘ooh-la-la’! Kick it up a healthy notch by adding kale or spinach to the blend. Just a meager 258 calories.

Trying to re-calibrate the system, than a Hangover Cure (437 calories) smoothie might just do the trick. A velvety fruity concoction laced with banana, strawberry, and oats, prickly pear, and orange & apple juices, super charged with a dose of anti-oxidants, and multi-vitamins.

Need a few more calories for that endurance workout. The PB Crunch (yes that means peanut butter) smoothie is the ticket. A PB, banana, and froyo base with your milk of choice (soy, almond, coconut, oat & low-fat), and granola. Drink it with a straw, eat it with a spoon, there are no rules for enjoying delicious.

Twelve signature bowls and eleven named smoothies to choose from. But you can mix and match. Want the bowl as a smoothie, or the smoothie as a bowl. Hell yeah Rush will make it for you. They offer up a dozen toppings including flax seeds, chocolate chips, almond butter, and nutella. A lucky 13 additional boosts including immune support, fiber, weight trim, and vanilla & chocolate whey.

While other all natural might fudge a bit on the ingredients, Rush Bowls adhere to a stringent dietary restrictions. They are serious about no additives, no artificial sweeteners, or no preservatives. Looking for wheat free, dairy free, and non-GMO options than rush on over to Rush Bowls. Vegans, health conscious, and just those who love a great tasting fruity froyo blend are welcome at Rush Bowls, and will find plenty of refreshing options.

Don’t overthink the price. Bowls are $11, smoothies and even $10, with three select bowls half the price for the little ones. Out on a jog, or walking the dog, try a pup bowl for man’s best friend, or maybe just let the Hugh and Linda treat your pet to a doggie treat. Like their owners, your furry friend will get hooked on Rush Bowls. Maybe your dog will make the ‘pet lovers wall of fame’.

Nutritional supplements and healthy foods have come a long way. Rush Bowls eat and taste like a creamy dessert, but provide that pick me up we all sometimes need. If you’re downtown near the midtown (Hwy 17) and Lockwood, visiting MUSC, or hanging in Brittlebank Park, than you’re just a stones throw from Rush Bowls.

Find Rush Bowls in downtown Charleston at 22 WestEdge Street off Lockwood across from Brittlebank Park, in the same shopping center as Publix. You can call your order in ahead and even have it delivered. Want to know more than visit

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