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You can still have fun while you’re in lockdown



Our world is an unimaginably fragile place, but you fully understand this only in a crisis. Who would have thought just a year ago that going outside would become so dangerous that many governments recommend and some will prohibit people from leaving their homes?

People around the world are sick with CoVID-19, and those who are healthy try not to leave their homes unless urgently needed. However, despite the effectiveness of strict quarantine measures, for a large number of people, staying at home can be a serious challenge.

Impact of COVID-19 and lockdown on mental health.

Experts from the World Health Organization (WHO) recommend changing habitual behavior by limiting physical contact with people, staying at home, not going to parks, playgrounds and, if possible, shopping, washing hands at least 20 seconds to reduce the burden on the healthcare system. It turns out that everyone knows that it is necessary to do this. So why is it difficult?

According to leading experts, the main reason is that we just enjoy being around other people. Otherwise, loneliness would not be such an international crisis. People feel bad without other people. Communication allows for the maintenance of social bonds, which made the survival of Homo Sapiens possible as a species. It is not surprising that in such difficult moments like today, we want to unite, to be close to each other. However, this is one of the toughest turns of the new coronavirus pandemic: experts note that people can be physically difficult in isolation for a long time.

Online casinos can be your outlet.

Among the entertainments that are available during the quarantine are only watching movies and TV series, reading books, communicating with friends and acquaintances by phone or via the Internet, cooking, or playing various games. But the real leap in popularity has been in online gambling.

The widespread stereotype that this kind of entertainment is only suitable for men does not hold water. Today there are online casinos that will satisfy the female interest. They are bright enough and have bright moments of the process of the game itself. It is enough to read the cherry jackpot casino review and you will see that the fair sex can enjoy slot machines today on an equal basis with men.

Why did online casinos become so popular during the lockdown? The fact is that an exciting process allows you not only to cheer yourself up but also to earn some money.

There are hundreds of different slot machines in online casinos, which differ both in subject matter and in appearance. Thanks to this, everyone can choose their own slot that they like.

Get more vitamin D.

Thanks to vitamin D, the body can absorb calcium – an essential element for healthy bones. Vitamin D also protects against the onset of chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Low levels of this vitamin can lead to bone problems, and some studies link vitamin D deficiencies with multiple sclerosis and prostate cancer.

You need to enrich your diet with fatty fish, such as mackerel, herring, or salmon. And, of course, don’t forget about cereals and dairy products.

Adopt good sleep habits.

Sleep hygiene has a tremendous impact on both our physical and mental health. Therefore, try not to knock your regime down and not turn night into day and day into night. Go to bed and wake up at about the same time.

Lack of sleep can lead to decreased visual acuity, headaches, and a weakened immune system. The longer a person is awake, the more disturbed the processes in his body.

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