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‘Modern Warriors’ Teeming With Courage & Valor



Pete Hegseth’s Latest Book Profiles Present Day Military Heroes

By: Jeff Walker, Book Review

Aside from the occasional war movies which Hollywood often over dramatizes, many silver screen heroes come with hidden identities and a cape. From Superman to Batman, the entertainment industry provides a superficial description of super heroes. However those who have served in the United States military, especially those who served during war time, understand a different kind of heroism, and bravery many Americans can not begin to imagine.

Having earned two Bronze Stars and a Combat Infantry’s Badge, noted Fox News weekend anchor Pete Hegseth frequently pays tribute to the military on network television, and is often asked to host events saluting veterans and their families. His homage for men and women in uniform extends even deeper in his recent book ‘Modern Warriors : Real Stories From Real Heroes‘, the very first book published by the Fox News Channel.

In over 240 pages Hegseth chronicles the graphic details (in their own words) of 14 men and one extraordinary woman who exemplify courage and red, white, and blue patriotism. All decorated for their ‘courage under fire’, the 15 represented come from varying backgrounds, and served and or are serving their country in either the Navy, Army, or the Marines, including special operations as Navy Seals or Rangers.

Apart from their military duty, the one common thread that binds all of them is their ability to ‘fight on’. In other words their propensity to rise above their situations, usually during actual combat, not letting their emotions or physical condition deter their mission and commitment, to defend and protect the Constitution of the United States.

Merriam Webster describes the term warrior in this way, ‘a person engaged in some struggle or conflict’. Other definitions include fighter and soldier. The soldiers depicted in ‘Modern Warriors’ are all of the aforementioned and more. Although they are a small composite of many so called warriors, they epitomize the very essence of modern day warriors.

Sadly their stories are all too familiar, defending our country in foreign lands, fighting enemies they can’t always recognize, and coming home with little fanfare except that offered up by friends and family. All to often many come home physically as well as mentally scarred.

‘Modern Warriors’ is heart-wrenching, delivering a literal gut punch to readers willing to look through the eyes of our military, and the sacrifices they choose in the name of protecting our freedom. Hegseth’s book takes readers on a roller coaster ride of emotions, providing back stories for each service member.

From the battlefield to the small town America, Hegseth’s book traces the early footsteps of the modern day warriors. It is a rare behind the scenes look at the hardships our men and women in uniform face while deployed overseas, and the battles they have to overcome when they return from war.

Depression, alcohol, drug abuse, addiction, and suicide sometimes follow service men and women home. But much like the 15 depicted in ‘Modern Warriors’, those who choose to fight on and overcome adversity discover a newfound hope they never knew existed in their innermost being.

Among the 15 saluted in ‘Modern Warriors’ are noted retired US Navy Lt. Commander Daniel Crenshaw who now serves Texas as a congressman from the second district. His message, ‘the ability to deal with adversity with calm under pressure, can be taught but is often innate’. Fellow Lt. Commander Caroline Johnson details her time at the controls of an $80 million aircraft, waiting to defend the defenseless. Theirs are just two of the 15 riveting accounts described in the Pete’s new book.

‘Modern Warriors’ is an ideal read for those who have served, their family members, and God fearing American patriots everywhere. It is especially an eye opening read for liberals who don’t have a clue, or fully understand the level of bravery a select few (men and women) in uniform take on when they enlist in the military.

A combat veteran himself, Pete Hegseth is more the book’s moderator, however his continued support for our military especially on the Fox News Channel, makes him a fitting agent to bring these stories to life. A perfect Christmas gift for the patriot and history lover in your circle of friends. For details on how to get the book visit

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