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10 Amazing Communities For Senior Living In Myrtle Beach, SC



Intensive health & Alzheimer’s care, gym facility, scenic beauty & friendly services are available in these Myrtle Beach communities for senior living.

Situated on the Atlantic coast of South Carolina, Myrtle Beach has been gathering the attention of thousands for the last decade.

Warm subtropical weather, wide-open beach, low cost of living, cheerful tourist gathering, numerous festivals, concerts, conferences, exhibitions have made Myrtle Beach a perfect community for enthusiastic tourists.

With numerous facilities & a decent, affordable living cost, living in Myrtle Beach has everything to offer to get you intrigued. You can afford a housing community starting from $2544 up to $3800 here.

All of this sounds like the perfect retirement plan. That said, let’s take a closer look at some of the senior living communities in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

1. Eagle Crest

The Eagle Crest community is a very hospitable area. They offer numerous services to make your stay wonderful & memorable.

With the friendly housekeepers, polite servers, and handy technicians, you will feel right at home. The community loves to take care of the newcomers and are very helpful.

You can enjoy delicious meals served three times a day in beautiful dining rooms. Also, you won’t have to worry about transportation & cleaning services. You can also call in a doctor from outside or enjoy their local health services.

If you’re a health-concerned person, there’s a gym for you to use as well. You can learn all that and more about Myrtle Beach and its communities from

2. Myrtle Beach Estates

In the Myrtle Beach Estates, you will enjoy an assisted living facility along with proper care for Alzheimer’s disease. If luxury is your type, Myrtle beach estate is the perfect destination for you.

A scintillating scenic beauty of nature and all the amenities at an affordable amount is Myrtle Beach estate’s specialty.

You can enjoy free transportation, a gym, an in-house cleaning facility, skilled nursing, helpful personal services, and much more. If you are a religious type person, there’s the facility of in-house religious activities too.

On Sundays, you can enjoy BBQ parties. A grand piano in the living room will keep you entertained with live performances every evening. Lastly, you can have the haircut facilities & wheelchair for the disabled here.

3. Reflections Assisted Living

Reflections assisted living community is a Christian based community where you can find in-house religious services with large living rooms & elegant dining.

You can have personal care 24/7. Individual physical therapist, respite care is also available here.

This community’s motto is to provide compassionate, Christian-based care so that you always feel at home. They also have quality insurance policies.

4. Portside at Grande Dunes

If you are a retiree & thinking about what to do with your retirement, the Portside at Grande Dunes can be a perfect option for you. Here the community focuses on treating retirees with great affection & care.

You can enjoy an assisted living facility here. That means you will always have someone at your disposal for any need.

For Alzheimer’s patients, this community is a preferable choice since it highly prioritizes exercise, dining, nurturing activity, and engaging & purpose-filled activities.

The best part is you can keep your beloved pets with you here. All this makes this place one of the best places to live after retirement in South Carolina.

5. Arbor Landing at Surfside

Arbor landing community is one of the best neighborhoods for older adults. They prioritize the betterment of the lifestyle of the senior citizens.

Hence, they arrange all the programs keeping in mind the specific needs of the older citizens.

This community is the role model for balancing security, privacy, independence at the same time for older adults. You can enjoy all the facilities here, but you need to pay an entry fee to book your spot.

6. Indigo At Carolina Forest

The Indigo community provides assisted, independent & memory care services for older adults. You can enjoy the calmness of nature and the scenic beauty of the surroundings through this community.

The main facilities are the gym, spacious dining lounges, TVs, computers, high-speed Wi-Fi, etc. They even have spa facilities as well.

You can also spend your leisure time at the pool, jacuzzi, attend live musical sessions & so on. Your lovely pet can also stay with you.

7. Inspire Coastal Grand

The Inspire Coastal Grand community is at the central position of Myrtle Beach. That’s why it has a massive demand among tourists.

Being close to the beach, you can always feel the sea air and walk to enjoy the beach’s serene beauty, making it a perfect place for a complete relocation.

This community ensures a healthy, social & interactive lifestyle by providing numerous amenities with maintenance-free living & resort-style living.

8. Myrtle Beach Manor

The five-star community, Myrtle Beach Manor, knows how to deal with its older adults with intensive care. For couples, they are also excellent in their services. They are very professional, compassionate & helpful at the same time.

Offsite and onsite tour, in-house laundry & religious services are available here. You will have access to a hair salon, gym, spa, high-speed wifi, free transportation & so on.

9. Covenant Towers

Covenant towers community has made their name by being responsible & taking care of older adults. They handle all the necessary tasks while you enjoy carefree homeownership.

A peaceful, calm environment with tons of recreational activities will keep you well cared for here. All of these amenities come at a cheaper rate as well.

10. Carver Apartments

Throughout this article, we have been talking about luxurious & comfortable communities. However, keeping in mind all classes of people, carver apartments offer almost the same amenities for middle and working-class residents.

You can have decent housing space here accompanied by lots of cordial & friendly people all around to support you. This community offers services of independent living & assisted living types.

Final Thought

Finding the perfect senior community can be difficult in this modern age. It is hard to find someplace that is different from our fast-paced, competing communities. But Myrtle Beach offers plenty of unique senior communities perfect for retirees. Compare and contrast from the above list, check your financial conditions, and decide which of these fantastic places you will call home!

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