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Which is the best beer to order online: Your complete guide



Beer is probably the drink that has been manufactured all over the world for years. Other countries that have god-gifted brewers have been in the mainstream of the beer industry since the start. If you head to buy beer online, you will find a lot of brands from different countries. For example, the U.S, famous for its craft beer, attracts a mass audience. Over the years, the market has seen growing types, tastes, and producers of beer. The growing production has driven a broad audience towards consuming beer at their parties, events, and occasions. And similarly, the ever-increasing love from the audience has increased the number of craft beer stores worldwide.

If you are a beer person, here’s a reason for you to keep consuming it occasionally. When you stick to the limit, beer has several benefits—better sleep and less anxiety, to name a few. However, excess of everything is terrible, and too much beer can ruin your health. Anyways, if you want to look for some good suggestions to buy beer online, keep reading ahead.

Italy, the name reminds of its wine, right? Italian wine is famous all over the world. They have the best quality and the best taste that sits on your mind, not just for a few days. But does that mean you can’t have Italian beer? You may haven’t heard anyone suggesting Italian beer. But, you should know that it’s very underrated and needs more people to find it. Therefore, here we are with the best Italian beer. Know everything about it and order beer online according to the most popular choices.

Having Italian beer is a life-altering experience, especially when you like pale lagers. If you meet some locals, they suggest you having pale lagers with a slice of pizza rather than wine. If you buy beer online, you can look for the review section; people tell you better about beer when they have tasted it! Anyway, a glass of Italian beer filled with ice cubes gives you the perfect feel of a winter night with a blanket.

Italy does not have large breweries, so most of its beer is craft beer. Though, you will find the best craft beer only here. It is a trend in the country, and people are crazy about it. Although the nation is not so famous for its beer, Italians are quite creative about their experiments, and you will enjoy tasting what they produce. You will easily find craft beer stores while roaming around the streets in the country.

The brewers in Italy make the best of beer combinations by mixing the traditions of Britain, Germany, Belgium, and the U.S.

Like their wine, the country offers an incredible variety of craft beers in different types and tastes. Paring the craft beer with a variety of food is all you will need for a perfect evening. Though, Italy did not have any brewers producing craft beer until the 90s. After 1996, in the beginning months of 2000, the country’s brewer market started to expand, and there was a rapid increase in the number of craft breweries.

Till 2010, the country had 300 craft breweries, while in 2017, they increased to 718, making it to 3.5% of the total beer produced in Italy. However, Italian craft beer still has a considerable distance to cover to get to the mainstream line in the beer industry. You can be a part of its journey by tasting some of the country’s best beers.

  1. Peroni- the oldest yet well-known beer brand all over Italy. People around the world recognize it well for its unapologetic and robust flavor.
  2. Cortigiana: It has a creamy texture, and Italians love to have it on summer evenings. It is refreshing and gives you a flavor of vanilla essence and cinnamon.
  3. Nastro- If you order beer online, you can easily find this beer online, even if not in Italy. People around the world are familiar with it and love having it on their cozy evenings.
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