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Raising Awareness for Safer Gambling Week



Responsible gambling is always on a casino’s agenda.  This week, especially with this weekend’s sporting events, we will we celebrating Safer Gambling Week, to raise more awareness of a afe gambling environment. The campaign will be launched on the 19th of November and will go through up until the 25th of November.  Campaigning all the way are the Betting and Gaming Council, the Bingo Association, The British Amusement Catering Trade Association, in collaboration with a further 200 entities.

During this weekend’s sporting events, the Ascot Racecourse which hosts horse events will support Safer Gambling week by renaming one of their races scheduled for Friday.  Football matches are also joined in the campaign by displaying the campaign’s logo at their respective football stadiums and grounds. We urge you to follow the Everton vs Fulham football match that is scheduled for this coming Sunday, as all the Betvictor logos on the player football t-shirts will be replaced with the campaign logos.

The Betting and Gaming Council is very excited about this campaign and hopes to raise awareness against problematic gaming and addictions. Their main goal is to eradicate gambling addictions and promote a safe space where people can gamble for fun.


The Betting and Gaming Council has always be an advocate for responsible and safe playing, and has been working hand in hand with the United Kingdom Gambling Commission for years. In case you do not know the UKGC is the regulatory body and the license issuing entity for gambling sites that want to operate in the United Kingdom. Both these two entities are 100% committed to promote a safe space for both sports and casino players, hence this massive promotion of Gambling Week.

The campaign and also the entities involved have 1 goal and scope and that is to bring all the remote gambling niches aiming for one goal. Thi included online casinos, betting establishments and also the ever growing UK’s bingo world. Everyone seems to be on board to promote a safe space for gamblers everywhere within the UK’s gambling scene.

Some previous work that the Betting and Gambling council has achieved during the past years include puttings bans and restrictions in place and also putting stops and halts to gambling advertising during tv shows and sporting events happening on tv. A total of 97% reduction in gambling  advertisement was recorded, a measure that was also advertised by the government in hopes to sway away young people from gambling. Apart from this, some sites, especially casinos with no Swedish Gambling license, now require you to send additional documentation when registering, with some needing the customer to be 25 years as opposed to the traditional 18 years or age requirement for gambling.

The entity calls on the Government to continue working towards abolishing gambling addictions and together with the UKGC pledges to support any new initiatives proposed by the government. One of the proposals that the Government (House of Lords) is currently working on is to review how gambling advertising is done during sporting events.  A set of 50 recommendations have been made to hopefully mitigate the risks that problematic gambling brings with it.   The Gambling and Betting Council also called on the Government to work hand in hand with the UKGC and base recommendations and restrictions based on specific data and facts.

Ongoing discussions with the Government are held weekly and one thing that everyone agrees on, is that fact that the Gambling Act needs a revamps to reflect the day and age that we live in: a digital era.

The Betting Council has also asked the Government to not over regulate the betting sphere within the country, as this might have an adverse effect on the consumer.  Players will always find a way to bet, and sometimes it is better to have then bet in regulated sites as opposed to unregulated black market sites. In a nutshell, make restrictions but not make them so harsh that you will drive away the player. Afterall, the betting industry in the United Kingdom deposits a 350 Million GBP in horse racing and an additional 30 Million GBP in sports on an annual basis.

The Betting and Gaming Council has teamed up with the Young Gamer and Gamblers Education Trust (YGAM). The scope of this collaboration is to make sure that young people are protected from addictive gambling and are coached into gaming being just for fun.

The Betting and Gaming Council works in tandem with the Young Gamers and Gamblers Education Trust (YGAM) in order to educate young people about safer gambling.  Queen Parks Rangers (QPR) have been instrumental in driving this campaign and have contributed a generous 5,000 GBP to the great work that YGAM continues to do.

As a gesture of support and to promote the campaign ever further and with fans, Nottingham Forest football team have sponsored Football Index and will don these special football t-shirts for their match against Bournemouth scheduled to take place on the 24th of November.

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