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Best Casino Games Charleston Residents Can Play In Their Spare Time



Lazy Sundays, commutes and that awkward time when you’re waiting for a friend to show — how do you fill those hours?

We all know Charleston is a tourist hot spot, so what do you do when you don’t feel like dodging tourists by the harbor?

For many of us, staring into our phones is the solution. However, what if rather than indulging in a little Facebook or Instagram scrolling you could play compelling and familiar games.

Yes, those classic casino games from Vegas weekends have made their way online and in many ways are better than ever. But what are the best games for killing some spare time? Let’s take a look.

What makes a great online casino?

First, let’s perhaps state the obvious and highlight what makes an online casino great. After all, if you can tell your Vegas-quality experience from a cheap imitation it’ll be easier to spot potential fraud sites. 

  • It’s fun: Above all else, you should enjoy yourself when playing an online casino game. Sure there’s money to be won, but this is supposed to be the most enjoyable and casual way of making your bank account look that little bit more impressive.
  • You have options: There’s no excuse for a modern online casino to not have a huge variety of games. Top titles from leading developers should be all over your choice of online casino. If there are only one or two options to choose from, head somewhere else.
  • Fantastic bonuses: An online casino is only as good as the extras it offers players. No matter what game you’re playing, there should be a number of great incentives to keep going. Say you’re looking for the best slot sites. You’re going to want to play on casinos with highest slot payouts rather than somewhere offering no extra bang for your buck.
  • The website is safe and supportive: Gambling online is fun, but make sure not to let your guard down. Before you deposit any cash make sure the site is secure (with an SSL certificate), has plenty of customer service options and has been positively reviewed by other players. Cyber safety is your number one concern when dealing with real money.


Rows and rows of slot machines as far as the eye can see is an essential part of the casino experience, and online casinos are no exception.

Slots may not be the most exciting or mentally taxing casino game, but they are known for their larger payouts. If you’ve got some time to kill there are few more equally relaxing and rewarding ways to do it.

Slots are great because it’s so easy to just log on and play. There’s no waiting for other players, no intense competitive atmosphere or need for a complex strategy. Just a simple, classic game everyone can enjoy.

Slots have survived well into the 21st century by adapting flawlessly to mobile platforms and entertaining players with unique designs (often based on popular video games or Hollywood blockbusters). Fun, familiar and highly immersive. Slots are popular at a casino like 888.


Casinos around the world are dominated by blackjack tables, with players of all shapes and sizes (not to mention questionable amounts of confidence) lining up to play this endlessly popular game.

The joy of blackjack is quite similar to that of slots, a game that’s as fun as it is easy to play.

Blackjack (or 21, as it’s also known) takes many forms online. However, it’s the consistently smaller house edge that keeps players coming back for more. Even if you’re playing a slightly different version to the one your Grandma taught you, minimum bets are generally low online, so it’s an enticing, low risk environment for first-time players to indulge in.

Whatever casino you log into, you’re sure to find a blackjack table waiting for you. Only this time, you don’t need to dress the part.


What’s more quintessentially casino than a couple of spins on a roulette table?

This endlessly exciting game of chance has been thrilling gamblers of generations. Better yet, it’s just as enjoyable online as it is in a major Vegas casino.

There are so many brilliant roulette variations available across a number of online casinos, with each one offering players the opportunity to play on either classic wheels or more modern interpretations, such as the thrilling and dazzling pinball roulette.

By spinning the wheel on your phone rather than in a traditional casino you get access to a wide range of accessible games 24/7 and the option to increase your winnings with unique online bonuses. The thrill of the spin is always the same, whether you’re on the go or in your living room.


THE classic poker game? Depends on your style, but there’s surely no denying the enduring popularity of this card game, even in the digital age.

The world of online casinos is dominated by poker, with virtually every online gambling site offering some variant of the game, from 3 Card Poker to Ultimate Texas Hold’em. If you’ve never played before, this is a fantastic starting point to learn about the game.

You might miss the feel of cards in your hand or the look in the eye of your opponent as you try to catch their bluff, but online poker still has it’s fair share of thrills and tension.

Just want to play casually? You’re in luck, as free poker games are extremely easy to find online. An even better place to practice new techniques and brush up on which hands are the best before you put real money on the table.

There are tons of classic casino games to choose from online, but we think these are the very best. The best for long car journeys, waiting rooms and those moments where you just need to enjoy a bit of downtime.

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