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NYC’s cardiology care is the path to recovery



Cardiology is one of the areas of medicine that deals with the treatment of diseases and disorders of the cardiovascular system. On most occasions, temporary discomfort can turn into a serious problem with numerous negative consequences. Take NYC’s cardiology care to improve the condition of your health and eliminate potential threats.

In Advanced Medical Care reliable specialists work who professionally perform work using the experience of the previous years. Rest assured that they can solve your problem and give you back the comfort and pleasure of living.

Signs that you need help

When an organism has a dysfunction of certain organs or entire systems, it begins to show some symptoms that signal internal failure. Indications sometimes appear in unexpected places that seem not to have something in common with damaged parts of the body. However, our organism is an indivisible chain. That is why you should pay attention to all signs, especially if you have:

  • constant or often repeated headache;
  • aching or debilitating chest pain;
  • blood pressure spikes;
  • unpleasant sensation in the extremities and back;
  • breathlessness;
  • accelerated or irregular heartbeat;
  • nausea, vomiting, dry cough.

Even one symptom is enough to consult a doctor. NYC’s cardiology care reduces risk factors on your health and prevents possible complications.

Causes of disorders

NYC’s cardiology provides qualitative care which will suit you personally. Specialists determine the primary reason for your problem. First of all, it can consist in people’s lifestyle: bad habits such as smoking and excessive alcohol consumption, an insufficient amount of physical activity, overweight, sleep mode, nutrition, stress load, alternation of work and rest. Lifeway regulation will significantly increase the effectiveness of drug treatment.

Features of diagnostic in the NYC cardiology

Advanced Medical Care has professional medical equipment, and it provides their clients with the necessary services. The best cardiologists in Queen, NY offer various diagnostic studies to relieve the character of disorders. Among them there are:

  • Echocardiogram a procedure that allows you to see the image of the heart using the help of ultrasonic waves. It shows the physical parameters of the heart, wall thickness, its pumping force, the presence of inflammations or tumors, and blood clots in the heart chamber, work of valves, and whether there are problems with pericardium (the outer shell of the heart).
  • Electrocardiogram — a graphical recording of electronic phenomena that occur in the heart muscle during its activity. ECG can detect sclerotic processes in the myocardium, coronary insufficiency, transient arrhythmia.
  • Physical exam to identify the level of endurance and strength of the body. Physical activity has a very strong effect on the cardiovascular system, so checking its level is an important step in diagnostics.
  • Blood tests. They show the level of cholesterol and sugar, the number of erythrocytes, and platelets in the blood that affect the work of the cardiovascular system.
  • Stress test. This procedure follows the blood pressure and heart rhythms. These indicators are one of the most important in the work of the heart and vessels.
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