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Can the New England Patriots really make it to the playoffs l Will they be able to reign supreme and save the season?



When we talk about the NFL, one of the most prominent teams that comes to mind is the New England Patriots.  The team has been a powerhouse, and secured wins for two consecutive seasons.  A stellar performance that had everyone talking about how the Patriots will ever fall down from grace. Well, they did, and this season was not such a stellar performance as preceding seasons. Yet, not everything is lost dear Patriots fans. One of the biggest assets of the Patriots is the coach, Bill Belichick. The guy is not your average coach when it comes to football, he is a star act, a coach that brings talent to the pitch, harvests that talent and converts it into wins. That is the brilliance of Belichick, and the Patriots know this.


Only Belchick can raise the Patriots to join up, step up if you will, and deliver a performance worthy of earning the playoffs.  Upcoming upset wins against the Baltimore Ravens proves to be a glimmer of hope for the Pats, as only nive games are left and pressure is mounting every single second. Belcick’s team currently stands at 4-5, but allow us to remind you about the up to eight teams in each conference during this current season. A measure that had to be implemented due to covid-19 cancelling the vast majority of games. The biggest obstacle on the horizon might just be the power that AFC has.  Having said that, only 3 teams this year will be awarded wild card spots within the playoffs. If the Patriots want to secure a place, they need to win over the three teams for sure. Albeit a few challenging weeks and upcoming clashes, the Patriots can for sure secure some solid wins.


The Patriots have to pass at least three of those teams.

Some of the teams that the Patriots have to square off with, include the following:

Week 11: at Texans

Week 12: vs. Cardinals

Week 13: at Chargers

Week 14: at Rams

Week 15: at Dolphins

Week 16: vs. Bills

Week 17: vs. Jets


If we had to predict some upcoming scores, we’d say that the New England natives would definitely secure wins against both the Jets and the Texans.  The Charger might stand at a good current position in the leaderboard, yet they do seem to excel at losing at the most simple of games. The other 4 games that are left are against teams that we call ‘Top Tier’ the elite of the NFL and the ones that could secure playoff wins. Let us think about the most positive scenario, the Patriots would need to secure a minimum of 9 game wins.  It’s not set in stone that a 9-7 mark would see the Pats in the playoffs, but let’s hope, shall we?  If there is one time that could bounce back and bring the winning mentality back, it is definitely Belchick’s team.

If there is one thing that we have learnt through following the Patriots throughout the years, it is the ability of them to keep their eyes on the prize. If New England wants to win, they will win. The formula for that is letting Belchick plan attentively his defense.  The Pats have suffered some loses from that defense camp during this pandemic, yet they can still play the heavy ball control tactics they love and secure wins. Some of the strategies that will secure the Patriots wins is Cam Newton. The quarterback is key to the Pats winning, after playing clean styled games.


So will the Patriots make a comeback?  If we look at the current team, some changes need to be made and fast. The offense is not at its best and lacks the traditional explosive game passing that the Patriots normally use. Years ago, the Patriots hosted the elite players, something that today’s team lacks extensively, yet the defense still delivers at some of the seasons games.  Was this enough for New England to rank high?  Not really, as the Patriots currently hold the record of being one of the bottom teams in yards allowed and also net per passes allowed. Two elements that have proven to be winning strategies for the Pats in the past.


If the Patriots want to make it to the playoffs, they need a solid gameplay and recipe.  The strategy would involve playing turnover free-balls, and use pitch running to their absolute advantage. A strong defense is definitely also needed if the team wants that winning formula and that cherry on the cake.

Whilst the rest of the NFL including non Patriot fans are rooting for the New England legends not to make it, the team is behind doors, in safe bubbles gearing up for the clash of Titans, that this year is every game that is the rest of the season. If the Pats want to come out victorious, they need to have the lion mentality on the pitch. Go for gold in each remaining game. Second best is just not an option anymore.

The NFL power ranking post week 10 matches

New York Jets (0-9, Last Week: 32)

With Sam Darnold missing another match due to a shoulder injury, the Jets are not in a good position. The only positive is that Hoe Falco might be the glimmer of hope that the Jets need to be able to win matches and thus seeing the Jets getting knocked off from top pick or draft stages. Does this mean that Darnold will keep his job throughout the 2021 season? Who knows!

 Dallas Cowboys (2-7, LW: 31)

Rumour has it that Andy Dalton was back in training this week, this means with the athlete back in the football pitch, the Cowboys could definitely land some wins. This could secure the Dallas Cowboys a great spot for the playoffs conference.

Jacksonville Jaguars (1-8, LW: 30)

The match between the Jaguars and Green Bay was a great watch. We almost hoped that the Jacksonville natives would pull an upset, however suffered the lead in the fourth quarter of the match and lost. Unfortunately, we do not predict good things coming from the team this season or the next for all that matters.

Houston Texans (2-7, LW: 25)

Former Patriots character coach Jack Esty is the current interim manager at the Texans.  Is it too soon for the coach to be holding a front office position? Belichick who worked with Easterby confirms that the man is not a people person, so there you go, you have your answer right there. Let’s hope the coach will leave his mark, positively.


Denver Broncos (3-6, LW: 24)

With all eyes being on Drew Lock this season, the athlete only managed a 66.5 passer rating. Only the notorious Sam Arnold holds the worst stats in the season. Lock is currently not a fan favourite and if you ask a Broncos fan if he should stay another season, they’d suggest to get him out now.


Washington Football Team (2-7, LW: 29)

Washington seems to have an undying love for JD McKissic. In the last match played he performed 43 receiving yards with 15 being on target. His performance outsmarted Antonio Gibson for sure.  Last season Gibson had better stats, so some hard decisions need to be made in Washington this coming week.

Philadelphia Eagles (3-5-1, LW: 26)

The Eagles gave us all a performance this week and stopped the Giants from leading with a 21 – 17 score rating. In the coming week and to come out winners, the Eagles need to look at stats and data and come up with a much better gameplay, especially in the defense department


Detroit Lions (4-5, LW: 27)

This week there was one question lingering in everyone’s mind,  Would the likes of Matt Patrcia get the boot if the Lions did lose during overtime, after losing with a 24-3 lead? The good news is that they won and Patricia gets to keep his job for yet another week. Thank you, Matt Prater is what Patricia needs to chant this week.

Carolina Panthers (3-7, LW: 22)

The Panthers need to go back to the drawing board and look very closely to their defense. This is what the fans are demanding after they allowed 334 passing yards and a generous 210 rushing yards to the Bucks. Unfortunately, the Panthers have not lived up to their reputation much.

Cincinnati Bengals (2-6-1, LW: 18)

One team that defines the term ‘uprising’ this season is definitely the Bengals. They fought hard through the Steelers defense, and new player Tee Higgins also managed a 7-115-1 liner. Enough for the Bengals to secure a home run with the second draft pick. Lucky enough?

New York Giants (3-7, LW: 28)

If there was anyone that was not so sure about Joe Judge, this is the time to admit that you were wrong. The players perform well for the manager and are proving to be serious contenders to the tomorrow of the NFL.

 Los Angeles Chargers (2-7, LW: 23)

The Chargers have been winning games with strength, power and stamina.  Dare we say they are on a steady steep of wins and that their track record is one for the books?

San Francisco 49ers (4-6, LW: 19)

The 49ers did not have a formidable season this year, but one of their players has been the star of the show for the last 6 weeks. Brandon Aiyuk, one of the team’s first draft picks, has been reminding us all why we all love football and the NFL. Needless to say, San Francisco might not win the playoffs, but they have already won having Aiyuk onboard.


 Atlanta Falcons (3-6, LW: 21)

The Falcons do not have an actual hope left for them to make it to the playoffs. However what they do have is hope that they will halt teams such as the Saints and Atlanta and crush their dreams.  If the Falcons play their cards well, they too could have an impact on who actually makes it to the playoffs.

Chicago Bears (5-5, LW: 16)

The Bears suffered a great injury this week and we all felt Nick Foles’ injury as the pitch went silent and he cried in agony. They were having a great game, but all came down crushing, along with their hopes and dreams of making the cut.

New England Patriots (4-5, LW: 20)

The one player that the Patriots can really count on is definitely Damien Harris. He holds the current 121 yards and 22 carries against the Ravens. Needless to say, he is key to a run heavy offense strategy that the New England team needs.


Minnesota Vikings (4-5, LW: 17)

The Vikings are becoming stronger by the minute.  They have 3 of the best players in the NFL with Dalvin Cook, Justin Jefferson and Adam Thielen and an upcoming star in Mike Zimmer’s offense.  This is a team to look out for, that is for sure


Cleveland Browns (6-3, LW: 15)

The Browns have 2 running backs that are the envy of the NFL.  This was a mediocre week for the, but we can safely blame that on the bad weather.

 Seattle Seahawks (6-3, LW: 8)

Russell Wilson’s defense is commendable, but is it enough for thr Seahwaks to win and make it to the very top? The Hawks need a better defense all together to make it through.


 Miami Dolphins (6-3, LW: 13

Potentially and confidently we can say that the Dolphins are one of the best teams.  They have secured 5 wins in a row, and could very much win their division very time soon in Buffalo.

Tennessee Titans (6-3, LW: 6)

The game where the Titans squared off with Indianapolis was not an easy game.  They have some important games coming up, one of which against the Colts is a critical one not to lose.

Las Vegas Raiders (6-3, LW: 12)

The Raiders are on a good uprising and going from strength to strength.  We are quite confident that they will make it to the playoffs, especially after they squashed the Broncos this week. 

 Buffalo Bills (7-3, LW: 7)


This week the Buffalo Bills had a great game, yet still lost.  This happens from time to time, this is sport afterall. The Bills are playing a good season, and the momentum is there.


Arizona Cardinals (6-3, LW: 14)


The Cardinals had a good week, and their star athletes shined all the way this week. Is this enough for them to make it through?  We really hope so!


Los Angeles Rams (6-3, LW: 10)


The Los Angeles nationals have some of the best defense that is currently available in the NFL.  The offense is also good, not great but good.  We have a feeling that they will make it through their respective division this season.


Baltimore Ravens (6-3, LW: 3)


We always held the Baltimore Ravens in high regard.  They are very much a great team, but still could not lead a solid lead over the Patriots.  They need to work on their offense and fast.


 Indianapolis Colts (6-3, LW: 11)


If we had to predict any future games, we’d say that the Colts have a solid chance of winning against the Titans in the upcoming clash. The defense is one of the strongest in the AFC South, and the great coaching staff just complements the team.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers (7-3, LW: 9)


The Buccaneers are  leaders in the NFL, as long as they are not playing against the Saints. If you want to bet on the team, make sure you place some bucks on Tom Brady and his great touchdowns.


 New Orleans Saints (7-2, LW: 5)


With an injured Drew Brees that is out for a while, Jamie Winston will take centre stage for the Saints.  Let us all just hope that his gameplay is as steady and consistent as Brees.


Green Bay Packers (7-2, LW: 4)


The Packers are quite the organized little team.  The underdog that just keeps to flourish and rise up. The Injury that Drew Brees suffered was a catalyst for the Packers to win and potentially this could also lead them to the top spot of the NFC.


Pittsburgh Steelers (9-0, LW: 2)


Pittsburgh has some of the best receivers in the NFL and that is no joke.  The top 3 picks ate JuJu Smith Schuster, Dionte Johnson and Chase Claypool. Even their 4th pick James Washington is a force to be reckoned with.


Kansas City Chiefs (8-1, LW: 1)


The Chiefs have more than 1 player that is currently being talked about as MVP. We have the likes of Kyler Murray and also Alvin Kamara that are fighting for the spot, with country singer Blake Shelton wanting all the credit for the signing of Murray.


Now that we gave you a run down of what is currently happening in the NFL, will you still be supporting the New England Patriots, or will you place your bets on another team.  use this list to find the best bookmakers, as we have brought you the best of the very best odds for the NFL and beyond.


Covid-19 might have changed the world we live in, but the love we have for the NFL will last forever. Place your bets, and let’s make it to the playoffs.

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