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5 Bookish Merch to Cozy Up With This Holiday Season



Nothing beats the cozy feeling of snuggling up with a good book surrounded by your beloved bookish companions in your favorite reading nook. Traverse the fictional world or lend a listening ear to the author who lets you into their personal life ‒ either way, reading takes us to places, and that is why it is such a comforting hobby to immerse ourselves in.


If you feel like jazzing up your reading routine, we have rounded up some of the best bookish stuff that can keep you company through this holiday season. We’ll be happy to know you’re supporting small businesses that put a lot of thought into creating these merch!

Book Lovers’ Soy Candles from Frostbeard Studio 

There’s a reason why we tend to light candles during the cold season. The warmth from the flickering candlelight and the comforting scent that lingers around our space takes us away from reality for a while. Best of all, candles exude a wintery scent that wraps us up like a blanket.

Minneapolis-based Frostbeard Studio hand-crafts 100% soy wax candles infused with a bespoke scent for readers like Potterheads, pluviophiles, horror enthusiasts, bibliochor addicts, nature lovers, and others. Once these candles are set alight, you will be carried away to another world you never knew existed.

Bookish Tea by Becca’s Little Boutique

Coffee or tea to go with a book? It’s a debatable question for sure ‒ especially if you have no preference for either of them. While tea bags are easy to prepare, the ritual of taking your time to brew a hot cup of loose leaf tea allows you to enjoy the slow-living experience while building excitement before diving into your book.

Becca’s Little Boutique has an array of loose leaf tea inspired by well-known books like Harry Potter, Pride and Prejudice, Lord of the Rings, Beauty and the Beast, etc. If you’re more of a coffee drinker, the Etsy seller has ground coffee beans aptly named Espresso Patronum, which is a Harry Potter-inspired blend.

Bookish Shawl / Scarf by UniversalZone

Bookmarking your favorite page of a book is one of the fun things to do while reading, but what if you get it printed on a large scarf that not only keeps you warm but also makes you look fashionable?

Made from viscose fabric, this soft and cozy light beige shawl is printed with your favorite book’s title page on one side and its first page on the other side.  You can find a wide variety of choices from UniversalZone such as Alice in Wonderland, Sherlock Holmes, Dracula, The Picture of Dorian Gray, Little Women, Peter Pan, and many more.

Bookish Socks by The Strand 

As the weather turns chilly, your feet call for a warm embrace while you’re engrossed in a book. Socks are absolute winter essentials you can’t live without. If you’re one of the bookstagrammers who enjoy taking aesthetic book photos, bookish socks serve as nice ornaments in the background. One of the best places to shop for bookish socks is The Strand.

The famed New York independent bookstore welcomes its patrons with a plethora of books- and icons-related socks at its store entrance. Although it’s not physically feasible to pay a pilgrimage to the bookworms’ mecca right now, The Strand has made its socks available online. So when you’re purchasing books from them as a show of support, make sure to add those socks to your cart as well!

Bookish Throw Pillow by TeePublic

Oh, the struggle of changing our reading positions every 20 minutes and regretting our body aches later. We might as well award ourselves a ‘professional bookworm’ medal for all the discomfort we go through. Luckily, throw pillows have got our back ‒ literally and metaphorically.

TeePublic gathers a team of independent artists to design quirky pillow covers ‒ witty statements, bookshelf aesthetics, quotes from books, and artistic fonts. TeePublic’s pillows will provide adequate support for any of your reading postures. Even if you’re not using throw pillows all the time, they make eye-catching additions to your interior too.

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