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How To Get Text Messages From Another Phone Sent To Mine?



Cell Phones have brought the world to our fingertips. We can now have conversations with people halfway across the globe and find out what is happening in someone else’s life in a matter of seconds. There is no denying that mobiles are making our lives more connected than they were ever before. However, this luxury comes at the cost of security. Strangers can stalk and approach you and your little kids online who, without proper protection, could fall into their traps and get hurt.

If you’re concerned about your loved ones getting exposed to the dangers of the online world, you might be looking for ways to keep an eye on them. You can check an spy app called mSpy. Of course, there are other reasons why you might want to do it. For instance, if you’re suspicious of all the time your spouse has been spending on their phone late at night. Or if you think your employee is using the work phone for personal dealings. Whatever your reasons might be, the inevitable truth is that sometimes you just have to keep tabs on people.

Or, if you find your spouse being bombarded by unknown calls, you might be curious to know who that is. You can go to and use this reverse lookup tool to find the person calling your spouse. You just need to input the number to get the name. It’s that simple. It is easy to use, instant, and free too.

But, you can’t really keep asking to check their phones over and over again, can you? Therefore, you must find a way to do that remotely. In case you weren’t already aware, yes there is a way for you to do that!

The question is, how?

Well, the most obvious answer is through a mobile spy application. You can find a whole bunch of them at But, what exactly are they? Let’s find out:

What Is A Mobile Spy Application?

Mobile trackers are applications that monitor all the activities on a cell phone. These can track phone calls, record incoming and outgoing messages, find the location of a device, and much more. These apps are normally compact and work in stealth mode. You will usually get an online portal where all of the information from a target phone will sync and store for you to access later.

While all that might sound a little unethical, it is totally justified if you are doing it for the safety of those that you love.

Can You Read Someone’s Messages On Your Phone Without These Tracker Applications?

The answer is ‘yes’ and ‘no’, but mostly ‘no’. Many people online claim that there are ways for you to spy on someone’s phone without such software. However, that simply isn’t true. Most spyware will require you to access the target phone at least once to install the application, especially if you have an Android phone. However, on an iOS device, you can access text messages if you have the iCloud password of the user you wish to spy on. In case you don’t have the password, you’ll just have to stick to the regular, one-time installation procedure.

How Do Spy Apps Work?

The first step in the whole process requires you to gain access to the target device. This step is the same regardless of what tracker application you have chosen. Once you’ve done that, you will now need to configure your own device that you have chosen for this purpose. The setup steps will vary according to the preferred software. After the initial setup process is complete, the spy app should disappear and begin syncing all the information into your account.

The Best Monitoring Software:

  • The most obvious sign of a good spyware application is that once you have installed it, it should run seamlessly in the background with no digital traces.
  • It should also offer more than just SMS tracking. Some common gestures that these applications boast are access to the target’s location, gallery, notes, web history, and some social media applications.
  • The app should run updates automatically and shouldn’t require you to approve them from the target phone.
  • Should be compatible with various operating software. Some monitoring software offers the option of monitoring several devices from one single account. It allows you to keep an eye on all your kids from the same place.
  • It should be affordable since some of these apps come with insane price tags, which are just as waste of money.


Cell phones have made communication a breeze. Staying connected to your friends and family has never been easier. However, this ease of connection has also made it simpler for our loved ones to get exposed to people with bad intentions. Fortunately, there are ways for you to keep tabs on those closest to you. It is achievable through the use of mobile monitoring applications that can give you access to call logs, text threads, gallery, location, and much more on any target device. Since there are so many applications of the sort online, you should take your time to pick out the best one. Make sure the one you choose is affordable, runs in stealth mode, doesn’t need you to approve updates, and offers a variety of surveillance options.

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