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Trident United Way Sending Out Cards Thanking Tri-County Teachers and School Staff



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Trident United Way supporters are wishing teachers and school staff a big thank you by assembling special packages, which will be delivered to schools across the Tri-County.

For the past few months, community members showed their thanks either online or by filling out a special postcard to give their thoughts on why teachers and school staff are so special. More than 6,000 cards and online forms were returned.

Many got creative with images of popsicles or donuts to show off in art how families and kids feel about their favorite teachers. Other cards share heartfelt messages of thanks and encouragement in various ways of saying thank you.

This school year has unique challenges and Trident United Way wants to rally community support to give our teachers and school staff encouragement. Education Director Angie Reynolds says the effort shows how our community comes together to support those who care about our kids.

“As a former teacher and from a family of educators, teachers deserve an enormous thanks this year more than ever. They have overcome so many obstacles through where they do instruction, how they do instruction and all the issues going on in the community as well. They deserve waves of thanks coming their way this fall.”

Trident United Way Advancement Senior Officer Kathleen Stevens started the effort back in early spring. As a parent, she thought getting the community involved in giving thanks to teachers was the least she could do. “For them to receive a physical postcard with those notes of encouragement, I think will mean the world in such a weird and difficult time that we are all in, Stevens said.”

Education is one of three focus areas for Trident United Way, along with Financial Stability and Health. We are working with community partners to identify innovative programs and resources for our Tri-County community that support parents, connect families with programs and resources as well as making sure all children are kindergarten ready by age five.

Trident United Way is more grateful for our teachers and support staff than ever before and hopes the community can stand UNITED behind a successful and safe school year.

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