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For how long does Tadalafil last in the body



Tadalafil stays in the body for about 36 hours, which can sometimes be even more than that. Of all the drugs that inhibit PDE5 in the body, it has the best action duration by a long shot. On top of that, its efficacy is not affected at all by the consumption of food. This means that one can get even the lowest dose of Cialis 5mg and take it at any time without having its effects diminished.

Does it really stay in the body for 36 hours?

Yes, but it is good to take note that it doesn’t mean that one has an erection for 36 hours. It only means that when taken, one can possibly have an erection whenever one is stimulated. This is because it requires stimulation for it to work. Thus, one can get an erection when one wants to get it.

Studies have shown that some men have reported being able to get an erection 16 minutes after ingestion. The average is about half an hour. It reaches the maximum concentration in the body after a couple of hours of ingestion. Its half-life is seventeen and a half hours long. This means that it takes that long for it to leave the bloodstream which is the chief reason it has such a long effective period.

Many men have found that they can get an erection even at the 48-hour mark. This is the chief reason why tadalafil is nominally called ‘the weekend pill’. By the 96th-hour mark, there are no traces of it left in the body.

Daily dosing

Tadalafil can be taken every day, for which there are tablets with lower doses (2.5 and 5mg) available as well that should be taken at about the same time every day as a long-term regular medication. One can also get the Kamagra oral jelly if one doesn’t prefer the taste of the pill.

The daily doses are advocated for men who have an active sex life, or for those that prefer having the flexibility of not wanting to plan for their intercourses. The 5mg pill also works well for those who want to take it when necessary.

Commonly asked questions

Let’s take a look at some questions that users tend to ask on a frequent basis.

Is tadalafil safe?

Various researches and studies have shown that the drug is both safe and effective in the treatment of erectile problems. Patients too have experienced a lot of satisfaction with using it as a treatment drug. Thanks to its long action duration, it has also brought psychological betterment to many impotent men.

Do men prefer tadalafil over other ED drugs?

A study conducted in 2003 has highlighted that impotent men favor tadalafil over other such drugs, such as sildenafil. About 66.3% of the sample size or 2/3rds of them prefer tadalafil which is quite a high statistic.

Do females prefer their men taking tadalafil?

A study conducted in 2008 showed that more than 3/4ths of the female prefer their men ingesting tadalafil since it provides the men with a more comfortable approach to intercourse. On top of that, it lasts longer as well which is something that they like.

Do men who take sildenafil switch to tadalafil?

It is quite interesting that there is such a study to prove it. Back in 2003, about 150 men who regularly took sildenafil were given tadalafil for over some time. Upon giving them the choice of opting for either one, almost all of them, or 90% ended up switching to tadalafil, irrespective of their age, ED severity or any other cause. This was again because of the flexibility that tadalafil provides to men and its long action duration as well.

It has been seen that those who take care of their health and nutrition tend to fare better and ward of ED. To that end, it is important for young men and healthy nutrition to come into the picture and be talked about. Find out more on

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