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Things to Consider Before Buying a Home Espresso Machine



You might be very keen to get a home espresso machine, but not very sure if you should?  Here are some key points and aspects to help you figure out.

For many of us, it’s not morning until we sip in our first cup of coffee. Some can’t even do without it, like something as indispensable as water! However, for you, it may not be a case of caffeine addiction. Usually, people fancy having a mug full of finely blended barista brew sitting in their favorite café corner or just get a takeaway.

All in all, more or less, we all love coffee (excluding the rare ones). And coffee is not merely about a drink; our meetings, data, hangouts, and brainstormings are often a part of it. That is why, for most of us, coffee is more of an outdoor thing. But with the covid situation, while we are practicing social distancing, it’s not the same anymore!

Since it is not safe to be out and about during the pandemic, we are reluctant to go out, be that for coffee or whatsoever. So, that might make you want to get an espresso machine. But, would that be a smart move? Well, it depends on a range of things that you’ll need to consider to find the answer.

How Often Do You Go to a Coffee Shop?

If you are someone who craves barista coffee once a week, buying a coffee machine for that doesn’t make sense. However, if you are a regular client of your favorite coffee shop, and it has been part of your daily schedule, then having an espresso machine in your home may help you in many ways.

How Much is it Going to Cost?

That’s a matter of calculation. You need to calculate the following things_

  1. The cost of the machine per year
  2. The cost of the coffee used per year
  3. The cost of the milk per year
  4. The maintenance cost per year for the machine

Add all the costs up to find the yearly cost, divide that by 365 to know how much a cup of coffee costs when you make it at home. If, in comparison to your barista coffee, it proves to be cheaper, then owning an espresso machine should be a good deal.

However, the coffee machine’s cost varies a lot depending on their types and qualities; and the taste of coffee differs accordingly.

The Cost and Significance of the Espresso Machines: 


Espresso machines can be as cheap as $37 to as pricey as $3999. There are different types of coffee machines available in the market, such as automatic, semi-automatic, manual, and pod. While pods are the cheapest of all, manual ones are comparatively expensive and can even cost up to a few thousand dollars.

However, when it comes to the flavor, manual coffee machines are considered more agreeable than pod or capsule machines, especially when you are very particular about it. It’s because, since they are manual, you have the ultimate control over the process; thus, more likely to give you the best result.

Good-quality manual machines are usually more durable; you can use them for around eight years. But like any other product, good manual machines need not be the expensive ones. You can find a gone machine at a reasonable price. Find authentic reviews from sites like boatbasincafe to explore different kinds of machines.

The Cost of the Coffee

Even the coffee options you have hugely differ from each other both in price and quality. Suppose you can buy ground coffee from a supermarket at a lower price ranging from brand to brand. But to get the barista-like flavor grinding beans is the best option to choose, which is also a costlier one.

While pod and capsule machines are pretty cheap, the price of pods and capsules themselves are significantly high. When you add all those costs, it may not seem to be worth it.

On the other hand, even though coffee beans are a bit expensive than ground coffee, the quality bean flavor and machine’s durability will mean a lower price than the one you buy from a quality coffee shop.

How Skilled are You?

Now, that’s a vital question. Your coffee-making skill is an important aspect you should consider when deciding on buying a coffee machine. We usually don’t mind splurging money on an expensive coffee bar when the taste and the flavor of the coffee are as good as their interior.

Therefore, if you are not good at making coffee, then there is no point in buying a machine to save a little money. Because, if your coffee fails to taste as good, you will eventually turn back to your favorite coffee shop once the covid situation is over, leaving the machine in a corner to collect dust.

But if you are an expert, you may enjoy it more at your home than in any other place as you can make your coffee brew just as you like it. Besides saving money from not buying coffee, you will also save a tonne of money by avoiding the additional treats you would be tempted to buy at the cafe.

Do You Like Experimenting With Your Coffee?

If yes, then you must buy a manual coffee machine. With your absolute control over the brewing process, you may try different blends, develop your signature flavor, and more.

If you are an enthusiast, you may come up with many DIY products with your leftovers, like candles, soaps, etc. You may also learn the coffee art to make your coffee look like a barista as well.

Finally, Stay Environment Friendly


Every time you take away your coffee, you cause another disposable cup to add to our waste, adding more and more plastic to our environment, which never gets recycled nor decomposes in a thousand years. If you are a daily consumer, having a machine of your own makes you save at least 365 plastic cups a year, which is a significant contribution to our environment.

Covid, or covid-free, you can use and enjoy your espresso machine regardless of the situation. So, ask yourself today, are you up for buying a home espresso machine?

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