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LODI Brewing Up Something New In North Charleston



Drive Thru Coffee Shop Now Open On Ashley Phosphate

By: Jeff Walker, Business Review

Additional Post Opening Review

The early bean counters have tallied the drive thru traffic, and they all agree in just a few weeks since opening, LoDi is brewing up a storm at their Ashley Phosphate location. The owners and the caffeine crafters at LoDi have seen a steady flow of customers, including regulars who have become enthralled with the coffee elixirs, and other energized beverages LoDi serve up.

Whether you prefer your daily dose of caffeine during the morning commute, as a midday pick me up, or as a late afternoon treat, LoDi has a wide variety of hot and cold beverages to satisfy the urge. And who the hell cares if they are taking some business from the national coffee chain. Competition is king, and honestly supporting local always tastes better than promoting the ‘unknown out of town cup of joe’.

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For all those true coffee and coffee concoction lovers in the north area of Charleston take heed, there is a new fresh brewer of coffee now open on Ashley Phosphate just off I-26 near Northwoods Boulevard. LoDi which is idol spelled backwards, and has no significance to their name or my article, threw open their drive thru lane Tuesday October 20th.

Although they are every bit a home for coffee, LoDi are not a typical coffeehouse. You’re not going to stroll in and order a hot brew or cold frappuccino at the counter, nor will you be able to use their lounge as a wifi office, or sit around reading your favorite book. While LoDi may be hospitable, and customer friendly, they are strictly a drive thru caffeine and energizing liquid provider, with a few handheld morning edibles to boot.

Husband and wife team Johnny and Jen Grosso, (aka the owners) are the Lord & Lady of LoDi, the unofficial ‘Koffee Kingdom’ of greater North Charleston. Assisting them are an exceptional beanery crew, grinding up some mighty fine, and often unique blends of hot, iced, and frozen coffee concoctions, with the occasional out of this world beverage, ie flavored teas, lemonades, etc.

Heading the ‘coffee bean team’ are Michael the Beverage Director, aka the ‘Lord of Latte’, the ‘Prince of Perk’, and the ‘Earl of Swirl’. Not to be outdone Principle Barista Brianna is the ‘Queen Bean‘, the ‘Countess of Cappuccino’, and the ‘Empress of Espresso’. Together they are a tandem team dedicated to serving up caffeinated coffees that jump start your morning commute, or refreshing non-alcohol fruit flavored beverages to give you that midday boost.

A few liquid refreshments I can personally recommend are the Iced Maple Latte, a cold velvety Vermont infused elixir sure to please iced coffee lovers, and Mikey’s Mocha, a triple milk chocolate blend, every bit a smooth cocoa concoction. Perhaps you have a sweet tooth or deserving kids in the back seat, Mike’s Fruity Pebble Frapp‘ is akin to a sugar coated whipped cereal shake, sprinkled with a rainbow of color. It’s Fred & Wilma approved.

Not to be outpaced, Brianna knows her way around the coffee grinder, and is equally creative in the caffeine laboratory. If you’re looking for traditional full bodied roasts or an variety of flavored coffees, Brianna will not disappoint. Together Brianna and Mike (the potentates of potables) craft and serve up some mighty fine ‘morning joe’, and afternoon go-go juices. Their ginger laced Turmeric Lemonade not only excites the taste buds, but has a plethora of health benefits. Maybe tea is more to your liking, the beanery crew at LoDi are well equipped to serve up a variety of matchas (finely ground hot & cold beverages) derived from green tea leaves. Nutritious and delicious.

Whether you prefer an everyday cup of java, or something with a little more kick or uniqueness, LoDi has a hot, cold, or iced beverage for you. Lots of caffeine, decaf, lattes, cappuccinos, frappuccinos, and other mixed beverages to entice the palate. Hell yes they have a few hand held sweet treats that complement your morning commute. Welcome LoDi to the Northwoods community of North Charleston at 2210 Ashley Phosphate Road. They are open daily 6am-6pm, for drive thru only. Learn more at

LODI = Locally Owned Divinely Inspired

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