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2020 Election: Candidate Information



Election Day is coming up, but finding information can be daunting, so Holy City Sinner created this resource, which will hopefully provide some assistance.

Everyone in this state will be voting for President and Vice President of the United States, and one of the South Carolina Senate seats. After that, your ballot will vary based on which district you live in. To see who is on your ballot, click here.

You can check your registration, find your polling place, and get more information here.

You can learn more about the candidates listed below by visiting their campaign websites and social media channels, watching the interviews they’ve done with Quintin Washington (if they’ve done one, it will be listed under their name as “Interview”), reading their responses to the City Paper’s election survey (listed under the candidates as “Survey”), and, of course, you can always Google them.


President and Vice President

  • Joseph Biden and Kamala Harris (Democratic)
  • Donald Trump and Michael Pence (Republican)
  • Howie Hawkins and Angela Walker (Green)
  • Roque Rocky De La Fuente and Darcy G Richardson (Alliance)
  • Jo Jorgensen and Jeremy Spike Cohen (Libertarian)

U.S. Senate


South Carolina U.S. House

South Carolina State House

  • District 15
    • JA Moore (D, Incumbent)
    • Samuel Rivers (R)
  • District 42
    • Marlon Kimpson (D, Incumbent) – Unopposed
  • District 94
    • Patricia Cannon (D)
    • Gil Gatch (R)
  • District 99
  • District 108
    • Lee Hewitt (R) – Unopposed
  • District 109
  • District 110
  • District 111
    • Wendell Gilliard (D, Incumbent)
    • Ted Vining (R)
  • District 112
  • District 113
    • Marvin Pendarvis (D, Incumbent) – Unopposed
  • District 114
  • District 115
  • District 116
    • Chardale Murray (D)
    • Carroll O’Neal (R)
  • District 117
  • District 119
    • Leon Stavrinakis (D, Incumbent)
    • Alex Thornton (Libertarian)

South Carolina State Senate

  • District 34
    • Emily Cegledy (D)
    • Stephen Goldfinch (R, Incumbent)
  • District 37
    • Steve French  (Libertarian Party)
    • Larry Grooms (R, Incumbent)
    • Kathryn Whitaker (D)
  • District 38
  • District 39
    • Tom Connor (R)
    • Vernon Stephens (D)
  • District 41
  • District 43
    • George “Chip” Campsen (R)
    • Richard Hricik (D)
  • District 44
  • District 45
    • Margie Bright Matthews (D, Incumbent)
    • Rodney Buncum (R)

County Races

Charleston County Sheriff

Charleston County Council

  • District 3
  • Distric 4
    • Henry E. Darby (D) – Unopposed
  • District 6
  • District 7

Charleston County Coroner

Charleston County School District Board of Trustees

Solicitor Circuit 9

  • Ben Pogue (D)
  • Scarlett A Wilson (R)

Clerk of Court

  • Julie Armstrong (R)
  • Dan Gregory (D, Libertarian)

Charleston County Soil and Water District Commission

  • Joseph Kelley Bowers III – Nonpartisan
  • John H. Smoak – Nonpartisan

Charleston County Treasurer

  • Mary Tinkler – Democratic – Unopposed

Charleston County Auditor

  • Peter J. Tecklenburg (D) – Unopposed

Reminder, if you live outside of Charleston County, you can find more information about your county candidates here.

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