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Nordic influence on Southern US states that people don’t even realize



The United States has been learning from Scandinavians since the times they arrived in Mid-western states. After adaptation to mid-western culture and traditions, some Scandinavians stayed there for the rest of their lives because of the cold climate, some of them decided to move to Southern US states to observe the warm location and open possibilities in the different fields.

Liberals in the United States wistfully regard Scandinavians as a kind of utopia because of their political approaches and universal views. Still, across the political spectrum, Americans are adopting some of the Nordic models.

Scandinavians know how to get the economics right. They call it Viking economics. Nordic model of economics can be adopted by Americans if they will reduce the wealth gap and improve the quality of life.

There are some of the cultural, demographic, and political differences between south Americans and Viking ancestry countries like Norway, Denmark, Iceland, and Sweden, but there are already many details that are shared within these regions.

How it all started

Many people think that countries like Sweden, Iceland, Denmark, and Norway were always on the highest points of living but it is not true. The people from Nordic countries have also tried to find more comfortable places for their views.

That’s why after immigration to the mid-western countries, they chose to continue moving and settled in the southern states of America. Until the early ’80s, people from Nordic countries stayed in the Mid-western countries but after that time, they preferred to go South because they were more welcomed there. Many home-seekers were having some fear of the black population but the social and economic situation and wide opportunities made them believe in the Southern states.

Another reason why Nordic nations were more appealing to southern states was the chances of investments and easier laws in the gambling scene. Nordic nations were always keen on gambling and the warmer states were more promising for them. Nordic nations have built movement infrastructure, study circles, and healthy gambling atmospheres in the Southern states.

They also used to create the political parties that were controlled by the authorities from the parliament. Norwegian gambling resource says that the influences of the Nordic gambling culture on the Southern States of America are huge. That happened because of the fact that they have a much more sophisticated system of gambling regulations and inheritance of the healthy traditions of responsible gambling. Currently, there are dozens of civil-right movements in the united states and many of them are inspired by the Nordic culture and way of living.

Discovering New Nordic in South America

There are so many Nordic nations who are living with Americans till now. They are making businesses and they are living there with huge accomplishments. The Nordic nations have a tendency to find connections with the Nordic culture anywhere they go. If they don’t find them, they make one. Their entrepreneurial environment is different in a good way. These people are known as the happiest people in the world for a reason. If happiness were a competitive sport, Scandinavian countries would take a gold medal. The mindset they are bringing anywhere is bringing a good attitude and benefits everywhere they go. Nordic countries live as if “less is more” and this mantra is a very good acknowledgment for them. The easy way of living they are leading could help Americans in the future too. Southern Americans trust businesses that are led by the nordic people because they know that their cash will be in a safe haven. The Nordic countries are having many things that Americans have already adopted in their everyday lives. They love to invest in the Southern States of America and it is very good for the economy because their businesses almost never fail. Co-working with them is just a way of learning for Americans. The best thing about businesses owned by Nordic people is the thing that 4 out of 10 companies are owned by female founders, so they know how to balance the market with both genders.

Hopefully, the southern states of America will always learn from Nordic people and will expand their ideas of ways of living. It can be super rewarding for them in the future.

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