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How Do Tech Innovations Shape Online Casino Experience?



Modern technologies upgrade online gambling in so many different ways, that it’s become challenging to keep up the pace with all those revolutionary achievements. If we were to choose the field where those inventions and modifications are most obvious, then the winner would the entire collection of online casino slots.

Without any doubt, this field is the most fertile ground for all new ideas to be transformed into reality. The immense variety of topics, so many different features to incorporate, some nice music to spice the atmosphere up, are just some of the elements which are continuously being upgraded.

But, they definitely are not the only ones undergoing transformations.

What are the most significant tech innovations that have the greatest impact on the online casino experience?

Just like we mentioned, there are so many of them, but these four are the crucial ones:

  • Much better optimization for mobile devices
  • Incorporation of BTC in online casino payments
  • Development of live dealer games
  • Improved audio-visual experience

Casino Horse has done a bit of research on these four key segments where tech innovations have the greatest impact on the online casino experience, so stay with us to find out what we’ve discovered!

Why is Good Cross-Platform Optimization a Must?

The possibility to play your favorite games without having to walk all the way to a land-based facility (or even travel by plane to it) was fantastic, the least to say.

Spinning the reels of your favorite slot online game, shuffling the cards, throwing dice, and whatnot, all that from the comfort of your home.

But, as the tempo of our lives is getting faster, we have less and less time to play games at home. In order to keep up with this trend (or it’s better to say, our reality), developers started to build their content using a mobile-first approach.

Thanks to that decision, we can now enjoy all our favorite games wherever we are, as long as there’s a reliable internet connection. Smartphones, tablets, Android, or Apple, or whatever else- doesn’t matter, releases are crafted in a way to adjust smoothly to all types of devices, sizes of screens, and browsers.

Blockchain Technology and Online Gambling  

In the light of speeding up our tempo of life as much as we can, that “attitude” naturally reflected on the payment transactions.

Knowing that money can arrive INSTANTLY regardless of the type of transactions (deposits and withdrawals), the processing time of 24 hours sounds like an eternity.

And who should we thank for that high level of efficiency?

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, of course.

They made it possible for people to send and receive their money immediately, all that while remaining anonymous.

The way things look now, it’s natural to assume that this payment option could eliminate all the other traditional (credit cards, in the first place). Although it’s too early to be 100% sure, it’s obvious where things are heading.

Why Did Live Dealer Games Become So Popular?

Looking for a way to match the atmosphere of land-based casinos with online gambling, developers started exploring the possibility of manufacturing live dealer games.

It was the best possible field where this “experiment” could work- and it truly worked, at least that’s what the growing trends of this specific type of entertainment show us!

With the possibility to adjust the difficulty level, play in whichever casino you want, and even pick a dealer who speaks your native language, even the most demanding fans of terrestrial venues couldn’t find anything to complain about.

Just like with all the other innovations, the current situation is already outstanding, which means the future modifications will only look more magnificent.

From Simplest Visuals to Virtual Reality

Those very first online slot games which appeared look so cute and nostalgic, no one can deny that, but modern-day consumers want something more.

That inspired developers and designers to start searching for solutions to make them look more contemporary. With fruits, sevens, and bells being the only symbols seen in those oldest games, the assortment gradually expanded, adding superheroes, celebrities, aliens, animals and so much more.

Making themes more versatile was one big step forwards, adding more dimensions and more powerful features was the next one. Speaking of more dimensions, just to clarify- yes, we mean 3D games.

The next step-virtual reality. Although it’s still not as widely spread, it’s definitely hinting that some big things are going to happen. Live dealer games we’ve already mentioned are the strongest proof and one of the fields where VR is used, but it’s only the beginning.

Let’s not forget to mention audios, as they also traveled a long way from simple effects to the most ear-pleasing soundtracks, authentic music from movies, and albums, and similar.

Final Thoughts

Modern technologies “express themselves” in online gambling, showing that they can be very mighty tools in hands of knowledgeable people.

Realizing that they can be used not only to add more value in the visual segment but to improve banking transactions and contribute to better safety, developers, designers and operators decided to use their maximum and deliver the best possible player experience.

All there’s left to say is that we are witnessing some ground-breaking changes, waiting for the new ones to appear and leave us even more speechless.

We truly hope you liked our thoughts on tech innovations in the online casino industry!

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