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Charleston Music Hall to Reopen at a Reduced Capacity



The Charleston Music Hall is set to reopen their doors at a reduced capacity of 250 people with newly implemented COVID guidelines and social distancing on Thursday, November 12th.

“After 8 months, we are excited to re-open our doors to patrons,” venue director Charles Carmody said. “I am thrilled about our November line up, as we will be working more with local and regional acts as well as producing our own shows until National touring ramps back up in 2021. We are committed to making your concert going experience as safe as possible, as we work to bring music and entertainment back to Charleston.“

The just announced schedule is as follows:

The venue provided the following info on their COVID-19 Protocols:

Our re-opening procedures outlines a collective effort by our team to re-open during the global COVID-19 pandemic as safely as possible. There is no guarantee of an illness-free event even with following the below procedures. It is indisputable, however, that planning, training, and implementing reasonable health and safety measures is the best way to protect our staff and patrons, as well as the overall viability of our events.

This COVID Protocols Document breaks out our planning efforts into four areas:  Sanitation, Staff, Customer/Security, Bar and Artist/Production.  Below is a list of items that apply to all of these areas:

    • We are committed to the health of all our team members and guests and will focus on creating an environment that is safe and enjoyable for everyone.
    • All local government mandates for reduced capacity will be followed and changed appropriately.
    • All staff members will be temperature checked upon arrival and be required to wear a face mask.
    • Team members & guests will be instructed to stay home if they do not feel well. Anyone exhibiting symptoms, while at a venue, should remove themselves from the crowd and notify their manager (employee) or management if a guest has any elated concerns.
    • Continuing the proper practice of handwashing, use of PPE, and cleaning of shared gear/surfaces as needed to keep everyone safe and sanitized.
    • Appropriate signage will be displayed at entry, front and back of house area to encourage proper hygiene practices.
    • Detailed messaging on new protocols and expectations to be deployed prior to opening via all email lists and social media channels.

While we remain anxious to return to business, please know that you can count on us to continue to be community focused and always operate in the best interest of public health and safety.  We take our role as leaders of our community very seriously and with a great deal of pride.  We know very well what the expectation is of both our city officials and our patrons, and we are confident in our ability to satisfy both.

What patrons can expect when attending a show:

    • All shows will be General Admission. Doors will open 90 minutes before the performance.
    • The ticket buyer will be prompted to choose an arrival time when they purchase their ticket. Arrival times do have a limit of patrons, so if a time is not available, please choose another time.
    • We will let people come into the building based on the arrival time on their ticket.
    • Only Clear Bags are allowed into the theatre
    • Patrons will walkthrough and touchless metal detector
    • Patron’s tickets will be scanned at front door on their phone
    • Mobile tickets only – NO printed tickets
    • The patron will then be walked to their seat by an usher after being asked if they want to sit upstairs or downstairs
    • The patron must go to their seat before ordering concessions
    • The usher will seat the patron socially distanced – three seats between each party, no one sitting directly in front of or behind someone else – we are removing every other row in the orchestra and no one can sit on an aisle – we are blocking off three seats in from all aisles
    • The patron can then order a drink with their phone from their seat. Once ordered they can then go up and pick up their drink from the bar – only 1 patron from a party at a time may leave their seats to go to bar or bathroom
    • If the patron cannot purchase via their mobile device, we do have the option for contactless pay at the bar.
    • Ushers will monitor bar line to make sure it is distanced and not too long
    • Ushers will also monitor bathroom for entire performance making sure the amount of people in the bathroom equals the amount of stalls and no more
    • A cleaning staff member will be on site for all shows
    • Patrons must remain masked while moving throughout the venue
    • Patrons may remove their masks while seated
    • There will be no intermissions
    • There will be no meet and greets
    • Artist merch sales will either take place in upstairs lobby, or will be able to be purchased via your phone
    • Patrons are encouraged to remain in seats for show – no loitering in lobbies
    • To exit – we will exit patrons one section at a time from side doors downstairs and upstairs patrons will go out lobby doors
    • We will have box office window open for selling mobile tickets – but there will be no will call
    • Socially distanced floor stickers and proper signage will be placed throughout the theatre
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