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Enjoy the Wonders of Muay Thai Training at Phuket in Thailand in Holiday



If you are planning your holidays, and looking for a good spot to relax and take a break from it all, what better place to visit than to visit Thailand; a country with ubiquitous temples and high regard for nature and ancestry.

There are lots of activities to engage in Thailand, and a particular activity every person who visits Thailand wants to engage in is the Muay Thai martial art.

Muay Thai, combat and sport

Muay Thai is a martial art and is no newbie, Muay Thai combat system is employed by the armies of about a hundred countries in the world, including your country’s army. Muay Thai is often dubbed the combat of “the 8 limbs”, and involves rigorous training in the numerous camps scattered throughout the country.

How Muay Thai in Thailand can improve your Holiday experiences

The major reason people go off on holidays is to cast the mind anew and gather a new ‘perspective’. But most people still go on ‘vacations’ and find them engrossed in their work or worries as ever.  A holiday in one of the numerous islands in Thailand while picking up a new fight skill (Muay Thai) as a hobby will help have the perfect worry-free holiday.

Develops your mind by learning the Art

Any form of art stimulates the mind. Because most of the training camps in islands like Phuket Island by scenic beaches and relaxation centers, you not only improve the mind, you help the mind to relax naturally with the beauties of nature. A Muay Thai training camp in Phuket is then you will fun holiday with Muay Thai .

Improve your fitness and give your health a boost

All through the year, we run around and shuttle ourselves between different tasks, paying little attention to our health. With Muay Thai training, we have an ‘easier’ method to give our body the much-needed boost. Muay Thai pieces of training feature both aerobic and anaerobic activities like jogging, kicking, punching bags, skipping, etc. which improves your body fitness levels immensely.

Get a new perspective…

Your holiday will be wasted if at the end you don’t have a new perspective that is the tacit gains from holidays. In Muay Thai camps, you’ll meet new people from diverse races, countries, and cultures. Do not hold back, meet them, train with them, learn more, and plan trips together. You should leverage your common love for Muay Thai and explore cultures and your enigmatic Muay Thai ‘Masters’.


This is what a friend of mine had to say after I recommended she visited Thailand for the holidays

“… It feels like I have just been reborn… I have never felt alive… I should go back and consider moving permanently, and Muay Thai is so renewing, I lost 10 pounds”

This is how great an impact Muay Thai has had psychologically and physically to most tourists who choose to holiday in Phuket Island especially, they seldom want to leave.

Finally, Thailand is an inexpensive country, it is cheaper than most destinations when compared to all the fun and relaxation you can get there, plus they have numerous cultural festivals that will blow your mind away and then there is the biggest Muay Thai festival in the world held in Phuket island.

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