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Landing Contemporary Art Launches Online Exhibition Challenging Viewers to Take a Closer Look at Art



Press Release

Landing Contemporary Art is pleased to present the online exhibition Alison Underwood: Concealed Objects, opening October 8th with an online Member Preview on October 6th. The exhibition will feature a series of 15 collages from emerging mixed media artist Alison Underwood.

In Concealed Objects, Underwood presents viewers with images of objects that have familiar elements, yet leave much to the imagination. They are as uncanny as they are aesthetic; a melange of textures and shapes that are at once self-contained and yet, ready to explode. At a time when life feels so chaotic, these works beg the viewer to slow down and question what it is they are seeing and what lies beneath the surface.

To create this series, Underwood collaged imagery from fashion advertisements found in mainstream magazines. In this way, she transforms the lifeblood of consumer culture into a universe of mysterious objects that oscillate between anthropomorphism and symbols you might see on an album cover. The objects embody a palpable tension that stem from the desire to uncover their truth and a longing to cling to their mystery. This a signature feeling we have come to associate with Underwood’s recent work, which was also evidenced in her last show, “The impossibility of never.” Among the concealed objects, you might find a country, a planet, a heart, or a weapon. We ask you to look at them as you look at the clouds. The longer you look, the more you will see.

In the artist’s own words: “Although the works are primarily process-driven, I’ve considered some of them to be what I refer to as ‘concealed objects.’ Many appear to have some indiscernible structure underneath the shifting waves of fabric. Of course, these are two-dimensional images. There is no veil to be pulled back. The viewer is left to decipher or invent what can not be revealed. Curiosity, mystery, desire, these all exist on the precipice of knowledge. These works hover there.”

About Landing Contemporary Art

Founded in 2019 by independent art curator Kristie Landing, Landing Contemporary Art is an online art platform that strives to champion emerging artists from across the globe. Without relying on a physical storefront, LCA hosts themed pop-ups and exhibitions in different communities as well as online. The gallery website offers price transparency, an easy method of purchase, and an inside look at artist motivations and collecting tips.

For more information and to become a member of LCA, visit

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