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Cynthia Garrett’s ‘I Choose Victory’ Provides Message of Hope



Former Hollywood Personality Turned Evangelist Offers Words of Encouragement In New Book

Jeff Walker, Entertainment Review

While her 2016 book ‘Prodigal Daughter : A Journey Home To Identity’ was more of a candid eye opening autobiography, exposing the shame of sexual abuse, teenage rape, divorce, and her bout with cancer, television personality turned respected evangelist Cynthia Garrett offers up a message of hope in her follow up book ‘I Choose Victory : Moving From Victim To Victor’.

With ‘Prodigal Daughter’ Garrett chronicled her journey from MTV, VH1, and late night NBC host, reporting from Hollywood red carpet events to finally finding her true purpose in life, to serve as a spokesperson for God through his unconditional love in Christ Jesus. Though she may have enjoyed a life of privilege in Tinseltown, Garrett discovered her true identity wasn’t revealed until she started living for Christ.

In ‘I Choose Victory’ Garrett revisits her dark past, but lets readers know the past does not have any hold on you, if you choose to be a victor instead of a victim. Garrett uses her faith and own experiences to proclaim that no matter what you face in life, whether it be abuse, divorce, health issues, career setbacks or any other negativity, you don’t have to be defined by your circumstances.

Garrett establishes four common war zones that effect everyone, and often trap people, robbing them of overall joy and freedom. Whether you have a relationship with Christ Jesus or not, Garrett reminds readers that no matter where you are on the social and economic highway, until you let go of the brokenness in your life, and learn to forgive, one cannot find a true path to victory.

In the spiritual war zone Garrett reveals the enticements in human life, among them sex, power, fame, and fortune do not necessarily bring about fulfillment. She reminds readers that without God’s blessing everything we desire and achieve is in vain. According to Garrett, the first step in overcoming spiritual warfare is to learn to forgive, just as a sinless savior did even on the cross. The bar is set high, but the rewards are eternal.

The PC (political correctness) culture and identity politics are fair game in ‘I Choose Victory’, with Garrett choosing to accept that by adhering to societal norms we are separating ourselves, thus damaging our relationship with God. Garrett takes a hardcore approach cautioning readers that no matter the color of your skin or which political party you follow, don’t let the powers that be identify you. In a year of political and civil unrest Garrett’s message resonates.

‘I Choose Victory’ concludes with an even more powerful message, akin to ‘everyone loves a winner’. Garrett wraps up 232 pages with sound advice, telling readers to take personal responsibility for their lives. She suggests while no one is perfect, if they choose to be the victor rather than the victim, they can begin to experience true happiness. ‘I Choose Victory’ is not a self help book, but rather an informative journal from a woman who has walked through many fires yet prefers not to carry the charred remains. Simply put, don’t let the situation, the abuse or the abuser represent your life.

Garrett’s story is one of forgiveness and gratitude, including many uplifting Biblical references. ‘I Choose Victory’ carries a strong message and is a powerful tool for Christians, and for those still seeking the one and only true hope in life, victory through Jesus Christ the Savior. Garrett adds in her book, “I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me.” Be a victor, not the victim. For more on Garrett and her ministry visit

Released earlier this year ‘I Choose Victory: Moving From Victim to Victor’‘ is published by Salem Books, a faith based publisher whose mission statement is simple. Salem Books seeks to enrich the lives of Christians and proclaim the Gospel of Jesus to the world through the written word. Salem thrives on Psalms 119 verse 105. “Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path.”


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