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CCSD, County Library Launch L2 Program Through Expanded Partnership



Press Release

Charleston County School District (CCSD) continues to  expand and improve their partnership with the Charleston County Public  Library (CCPL). The latest program, L2 (L Squared) comes on the heels of  the 2020 Summer Reading partnership.

L2 allows all CCSD students to have full access to CCPL’s physical and digital  collections, simply by using their CCSD username. This will remove barriers  to student access and greatly increase the number of resources available to them. Students using CCSD’s new eBook and audiobook platform, Sora  (Overdrive for Education), will be able to simply toggle to the CCPL’s digital  collection.

CCPL has an incredible amount of digital resources, which will greatly  expand student access. According to Christy James, Library Media Services Coordinator, the two agencies keep finding ways to connect resources for  students and families.

“The Summer Reading program really has opened opportunities for other  smaller partnerships, volunteer opportunities, and ways to work together  throughout year,” said James. “This is a huge step to give all students  access to the public library. Especially now, it is more important than ever.”

Through the Summer Reading program, officials from both agencies learned that kids often have transportation issues and are unable to get to the  physical branches throughout the school year and even more so in the  summer.

“We are proud to partner with CCSD for the L2 program and we are  committed to supporting our students whether it is in person or virtually,”  said Angela Craig, Executive Director Charleston County Public Library.

“Returning to school looks different this year, and while there are challenges there  are also great opportunities. With the L2 account, students can access the public  library and its resources any time they need them. This partnership proves that we  are stronger together, and we are fully equipped to support our students with  opportunities to learn and to grow.”

With L2, students are automatically registered and there is no need to keep track  of a physical library card. Similar to Summer Reading, students use their CCSD username as a log-in or in place of a traditional library card or account number. In  addition, a new online platform, Sora (Overdrive for Education), connects the  district to the library system. When a student is logged into the school library’s  digital collection, they can now simply toggle between the school district digital  library and CCPL’s to unlock even more age-appropriate books and audiobooks.

To use L Squared in a CCPL branch to check out materials, students simply enter  their credentials into any self-check kiosk or provide their information to a staff  member at check out. Students who wish to access the internet on CCPL  computers must abide by the system’s rules for internet use in the library (visit for details).

“This partnership really increases the amount of resources available to students in  a huge way,” said James. “Not only will the libraries see more usage, but it helps  CCSD knowing kids have more access to books inside and outside of school.”

L2 accounts are fine-free, which means students will not accrue late fees or fines  for materials returned beyond the due date (though some lost item fees still  apply). This is being done in an effort to eliminate possible barriers. The hope is to  increase family participation and provide literacy support using family involvement  strategies.

“Our partnership with the library has been incredibly beneficial because when we  work together, we increase access and we know that this is what benefits all of  our students,” said James. “What the public library does for our community at  large is incredible and this partnership is another sign of their commitment to  make sure that we have a stronger community.”

All library account information and updates will be sent via email from the library  to the student’s CCSD email account. For more information about L2, visit,  email or contact your local CCPL branch. For questions about CCSD, contact the Office of Strategy and Communications at (843) 937-6303.

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