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How to Give Your Home (And, Your Mood!) a Facelift



The COVID-19 pandemic has been challenging for the best of us. Having to maintain social distancing and working from home day after day is tough when you can’t go out and see your friends and family. If staying at home is making you feel blue and restless, how about taking up a few projects that can spruce up your home and the decor? Small changes in the interior and your everyday lifestyle add an element of freshness, so you wake up each morning looking forward to something new.

1. Start a Project and Learn How to Make Something

Take up a new hobby where you can enjoy creating works of art to adorn your home. Check out online videos for objets d’arte that you can make using epoxy made in the USA. This highly versatile material can be made by blending two liquids, one of which is epoxy resin. Once the solution hardens, it transforms into a smooth, glossy plastic that is highly durable and resistant to damage and UV rays. Play around with a selection of colors to create stunning tabletops, paintings, sculptures, door knobs, lamps, and even, jewelry like rings, brooches, and necklaces. The possibilities are endless once you start exploring your creativity.

2. Change Up Your Hygiene Routine

Research shows that aromas and scents have powerful mood-lifting properties. Since ancient times, people have used aromatherapy for its physical and psychological therapeutic benefits. One of the most powerful scents that can do wonders for relieving stress, anxiety, and headaches is lemongrass. Add lemongrass into your daily routine and you’ll notice that you feel relaxed, happier, and ready to take on the world. The best way to do that would be to get hemp anti-bacterial lotion scented with the aroma of lemongrass and agave and infused with the goodness of hemp oil. The entire blend is designed to kill up to 99.99% germs and nourishes your skin to rejuvenate and fight signs of aging.

3. Adorn Your Walls with Art and Family Portraits

Feel closer to friends and family members by adorning your walls with beautiful pictures in pretty frames. Create collages with a mix of differently-sized frames arranged tastefully. Since your furry and finned friends are a an integral part of the household, you can find novel ways to include them. For instance, order custom pet portraits online that are digitally illustrated by expert artists. You can also select a lovely background to match the decor of the room. Alternatively, consider setting up the portrait on a shelf and dress it up with a potted plant and other ornaments.

4. Bring Greenery Into Your Home

Indoor plants are the best friends people can have. Their green coloring has the effect of soothing your mind and relieving both psychological and physiological stress. Having plants around can also improve your memory and concentration. Bring home a beautiful terrarium that needs very little maintenance. Cacti, ficus, Boston fern, aloe vera, snake plant, and spider plants are some of the varieties that do well indoors or on a shady windowsill. A light spritz with water once or twice a day, depending on the kind of plants, is enough to have them thriving. And yes, they love it when you talk to them.

Try these fantastic ideas to spruce up your home during the Coronavirus when you’re stuck at home looking at the same boring spaces. Take up these projects that transform your home while giving you the satisfaction of creating something beautiful. It’s also a great way to spend time after a busy day of working remotely.

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