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Consider These 5 Cities for a Comfortable Retirement in SC, USA



Retirement is a significant stage in our lives that’s meant to serve as a reward for many years of hard work. No more late nights and gulping meals at your desk. You now have the time to get out regardless of what day of the week it is, and enjoy the sunshine or spend time with our friends and grandkids.

During our younger years, most of us tend to gravitate towards big urban areas where we can get access to opportunities and feel connected to everything that’s happening.

Now that we’re older and retired, most of us feel like we need a mix of an active yet laid back kind of lifestyle. We want to maintain a sense of community while looking for access to events and activities. Unfortunately, this mix is not so easy to find.

For retirees, South Carolina gives the best of all possible worlds. The state has plenty to offer from historic sites that go back to the Civil War to natural attractions that include pristine lakes and mountains. Therefore, it comes as little surprise that many nature lovers, outdoor enthusiasts, and history lovers choose South Carolina as the ideal location to spend their golden years.

Here is a comprehensive breakdown of 5 cities within South Carolina that you should definitely consider.

1. Myrtle Beach, SC

It’s highly unlikely that you’ll find better options to retire as compared to Myrtle Beach. The ‘Grand Stand’ as it’s otherwise known as, is attractive as a retirement destination because of its great sandy beach that runs for over 60 miles, affordable housing, and a wide variety of golf courses.

The weather in Myrtle Beach is also highly favorable. The highest average high is around 85 degrees with the average low never going below freezing. There are also plenty of retirement communities in Myrtle Beach with over 300,000 people, many of them aged 55 and over.

Examples of Affordable Retirement Communities in Myrtle Beach

  • Brightwater
  • Eagle Crest
  • Portside at Grande Dunes
  • Covenant Towers
  • Arbor Landing at Surfside
  • Berkshire Forest
  • Heather Glen
  • Lakeside Crossing

2. Seneca, SC

If your dream is to retire to a place surrounded by lakes and mountains, then Seneca is ideal for you. Located in Oconee County, Seneca has a population of about 8,000. It’s usually referred to as ‘city of smiles, city with style’ because of its strong appeal to active adults looking to enjoy a good life.

Because it seems to have just about everything that anyone could ever want in a single place, Seneca is one of the most desired places in South Carolina for retirees looking for a place with natural beauty and an urban vibe.

Seneca is conveniently located along the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, flanked by both the Keowee and Hartwell Lakes. As far as recreational activities go, there are plenty of hiking trails and kayaking activities that will keep your blood running.

3. Greenville, SC

Surprisingly enough, Greenville is not as highly recognized as other cities within South Carolina.

The city has amazing weather, with a mean temperature of 60 degrees throughout the year. This allows residents to experience the shifts in seasons while remaining warm enough to do outdoor activities throughout the year. And because Greenville gets 42 inches of rain through the year, you can have a garden to tend that will surely not go dry.

Greenville is a budding hub of culture and art. A casual stroll down Main Street and you’ll see public artwork lining each boulevard escorted by the soulful musical sounds of local musicians. For those who enjoy outdoor activities, there are plenty of parks and nature trails to visit.

With all the fun amenities available, one would think Greenville is expensive to live in but it’s actually quite affordable. The cost of rent, food, and utilities is much lower than in places such as Atlanta, Georgia, and Charleston, South Carolina.

4. Columbia, SC

Columbia is the capital of the Palmetto State. It’s convenient location, favorable weather and myriad of attractions make it an ideal location for retirees. It also has plenty of vibrant retirement communities that offer the good-old southern hospitality South Carolina is well known for.


Columbia has highly rated healthcare facilities designed to cater for the aging population. Prisma Health Alliance and Providence Health are good examples of healthcare facilities that provide health services within the area.

Columbia is also home to the University of Columbia. If you have kids or grandkids who’re just about done with high school and plan to proceed with their education, then the University of Columbia should make the move to South Carolina much more enticing.

5. Murrells Inlet

Murrells Inlet is a seaside town in Georgetown County located a few miles near Myrtle Beach. It is a paradise for nature lovers with freshwater rivers, stretch of beaches, nature trails, and a vibrant cultural scene.

The place used to be a fishing village but has grown into a hive of recreational activities, making it an ideal location for tourists as well as retirees looking for a nice place to relocate to. In fact, the average living age at Murrells Inlet is 53 with seniors making up about a third of the entire population of nearly 8,300.

Home Is Where the Heart Is

For a lot of people, retirement may seem like an unrealistic daydream that gives them anxiety. For others, it’s a future reality that they look forward to with great anticipation.

When you no longer have to live near your place of work, a world of possibilities opens up for you to accommodate an entirely new lifestyle and priorities.  You’ve worked all your life now it’s time to get busy doing what you want to do. Whether it’s a rigorous daily golf routine, soaking up the sun and salt air, or deep-sea diving, it’s highly likely that you will look for a new home base.

South Carolina is a highly convenient retirement destination. It has access to good schools, healthcare facilities, not to mention the tropical beaches and sea islands on offer to explore. Any of the cities listed above will not keep you away from the fun and vibrant culture of the Palmetto State.

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