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Atlanta’s Tip Top Proper Cocktails Now Available in South Carolina



Credit: April Zimmerman

Atlanta-based Tip Top Proper Cocktails, a canned cocktail company offering a selection of lowball classics, are now available for purchase in South Carolina. The company’s line of canned cocktails includes Manhattans, Negronis, and Old Fashioneds.

Tip Top was founded in 2018 by Atlanta natives and music industry veterans Neal Cohen and Yoni Reisman. After years producing large-scale events and festivals around the country, the childhood friends discovered something was missing from the market: high-quality, classic cocktails that could be enjoyed with convenience at a concert, dinner party, tailgate, or simply at home.

Enlisting the help of established Atlanta mixologist and seven-time James Beard Award Outstanding Bar Program nominee Miles Macquarrie (of Kimball House and Watchman’s) to develop the recipes, the team created three 100-ml canned low-ball classic cocktail recipes: the Manhattan, Negroni, and Old Fashioned. After more than two years of recipe development, Tip Top Proper Cocktails officially launched in Georgia in late September 2019.

Since its debut in Georgia last fall, Tip Top has racked up several rave reviews, and you can count friend of Holy City Sinner and local writer April Zimmerman among them. I had April try each of Tip Top’s canned cocktails to see what she thought. First up, the Negroni, which includes Dry Gin, Red Bitters, and Sweet Vermouth.

“A great pre-dinner cocktail, and so nice to not have to mix your own,” Zimmerman said. “Just the right amount of sweet, ‘herby,’ and fruity. Tip Top definitely nailed the ‘Always balanced, never too sweet’ part.”

Next, Zimmerman tried the Manhattan, which was made up of Rye Whiskey, Sweet Vermouth, and Bitters.

“I’m not usually a rye whiskey fan, but I liked this cocktail,” she said. “Tip Top describes this mix as ‘spirit-forward,’ which is certainly the case, but it’s not overpowering. It has a bit of bite, but a smooth finish.”

Lastly, Zimmerman tried the Old Fashioned, which consists of Bourbon Whiskey, Orange Bitters, and Cane Sugar.

“This classic cocktail was the strongest of the bunch at 74 Proof,” she said. “It definitely packs a bit of punch, but it’s smoothed out by some citrus and vanilla flavors.”

Zimmerman said she could see these beverages flying off the shelves since they are a new and unique option in the Charleston market. Plus, the compact cans are easy to pack and transport with no need to worry about making the perfect mix on your own.

You can see a list of where to find the cocktails by zip code here. To learn more about Tip Top Proper Cocktails, visit their website.

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