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Year of The Mask, Hypocrisy, & Social Unrest



Stop The Madness, For Many 2020 Will Be Year To Forget

By: Jeff Walker, Overly Opinionated Writer

We are two decades into the 21st century, and over the 20 year period America has faced some of the toughest challenges we’ve ever faced in our 244 years as a nation. Right out of the gate we suffered perhaps one of the darkest times in our history, when on 911 radical terrorists attacked our financial and government centers. The terrorists had no more reason than the pure evil they represent.

We’ve had some rough years in between, and our conflict in the middle east as never seems to end, but 2020 ranks among the worst years in recent memory, and none of it has to do with the current occupant in the White House. Donald Trump was embraced by democrats and the entertainment community long before he decided to run for, and became our 45th president. NBC loved Trump when ‘The Apprentice’ was a cash cow for the network, and entertainers welcomed making a living performing in his casinos over the years.

When Trump ran in 2016 and easily beat a non-committal Hillary Clinton, he did so on the slogan ‘Make America Great Again’. Tell me, what is wrong with that. Since World War II countries such as Russian, North Korea, Iran, Iraq, and most certainly China have been putting the screws to the United States. While past presidents from both parties have turned a blind eye to unfair practices, Trump said enough is enough.

Donald Trump if perhaps the first non-politician to become president of the United States. He’s less a republican, and more a champion for America. What is wrong with that. If we are not the greatest country in the world, we are most certainly among the best. Truth is we are the leader when it comes to freedom, opportunity, and world-wide aid. No one rises to the level the United States does.

While Trump’s tweets and schoolyard retorts weigh heavy on many Christians and naive country folk, it is his results that matter. He has done more in three and a half years than several of our past presidents combined. Results matter. Long before the pandemic the economy was thriving, not just for the haves but for the have nots. More money in your paycheck, more money in your retirement account, and more people from all backgrounds working. That’s a good thing.

Trump doesn’t look at color, race, or gender. He set out to make America great for everyone. He achieved record employment for blacks, Hispanics, females, and the younger generation. Trump got tougher on Iran, Korea, and China. He has strengthened our military, not because he wants to use it, but to have it ready when needed. Trumps thinks ahead and has prepared our nation to stand against our perceived enemies.

Like him or not Trump has been waving the flag for everyone in America since he took office. His business card might say republican, but I assure you he doesn’t care about the label, rather is more concerned about bringing our country together, and making America the best it can be, for everyone who rightfully lives here. He’s been a friend to the black community, the Hispanic community, the business community, and blue collar America. Hoorah for that.

Aside from partisan politics, the two biggest pandemics facing the United States are COVID 19 and the civil unrest unfolding in cities across America. Prior to the COVID 19, America’s economy was thriving. I have no problem with Trump calling the pandemic the China Virus, it is where it originated, and who knows if the Chinese didn’t get in bed with democrats to unleash this horror on the world, since they hit a roadblock with the pathetic impeachment trial.

China was no doubt frustrated when Trump enacted sanctions regarding unfair trade practices, so if they were in cahoots with Nancy Pelosi, it wouldn’t surprise me one iota.

Donald Trump is not a politician, and by all accounts he has worked effortlessly for everyone in this country. Although far from perfect, Trump is a card carrying American patriot, with enough business savvy to know the country needs to be run like a business.

You can hate Trump because he was a shrewd businessman who became a billionaire, or despise him because he often reacts like a loud mouth bully, but when you list his achievements since becoming president you have to sit in awe of his follow through. He’s working hard for all Americans, no matter what side they are on.

While most politicians (dems & reps) talk a good game, they take years if not decades to get anything done. Trump went in on January 20th 2017 ready to get to hit the ground running, and that upset many of the swamp rats. DC doesn’t thrive on a steady work ethic. Most politicians get caught up in their cushy jobs, as well as the perks that accompany it, and they lose sight of the reason they are there.

Trump waited until he was near 70 years old to chase the presidency. He didn’t have to do it. He was comfortable and had friends in both parties. I have to believe he ran for president, because he like many of us was fed up with the run of mill, ass kissing games that go on in Washington DC.

Let me address the bigger pandemic that is sending a dark cloud over America right now, and that is civil unrest. Racism exist in this country, but it’s not near the level portrayed in the main stream media. There are many bad actors in America today, those who hate for no more reason than color, race, religion, ethnicity, gender, social standing, or sexual orientation.

There is no place in America or the world for hatred. Sadly we’ve discovered over the years there have been and will continue to be people in all walks of life, that are bad or just plain stupid. There are bad teachers, bad businessman, bad clergy, bad parents, and bad police officers. But the percentages in all those categories are small, or we’d be in a much worse place.

In the 21st century I would not want to be a police officer. Most of them are good and decent people, just trying to do their jobs, stay safe and return home to their families. Keep in mind they put their lives on the line for not the greatest of financial gain.

A small, very small fraction of police officers may carry with them bias, which may in turn might cause them to act out unreasonably. They should be held accountable, as should anyone who goes above and beyond their call of service. But keep in mind more blacks are killed by fellow blacks over a weekend in Chicago than are blacks killed by police officers every year. Neither are justified, and both statistics are sad, but the reality is true.

We do not need to defund the police anywhere in the country. I wish that we could. I wish drug dealers, rapists, arsonists, robbers, and murderers would all eliminate their criminal activity, but we all know that is not going to happen. Sure if bad guys said they would reduce the amount of crimes they commit, it would be awesome to allocate police funds for homelessness, drug addiction and child abuse programs. Better use of taxpayer money.

I am friends with democrats and republicans, as well as Christians and those with no religious beliefs, yet most of them have moral character. They all understand we share the planet, and our communities, and they don’t spew hatred or wish ill will on their neighbor. And those professing Christianity, as many Americans claim to be should not have an ounce of prejudice in them, following the example Christ portrayed.

It’s okay to protest, to speak out and stand up against wrongdoings and social injustice. But it’s not okay to riot, loot, pillage, destroy or burn businesses and buildings. Many of the businessess affected are small business owners, often owned by minorities (black, Hispanic, women, etc). Many of the businesses employ people in their communities. Most of the business owners and their workers are not prejudice or bias, and often applaud the efforts protesters stand up for.

Violent protesters ie, those who steal, destroy, maim or kill innocent people should be held accountable to the full extent of the law. Our pure indifference is pure evil itself. You can hate your job, hate your haircut, hate traffic, and many other things, but there is never any reason to hate one another even if we have opposing views. Christian or not, ‘love thy brother’ should be a standard of living.

Sad but true, many of the protesters aren’t really sure what they are protesting against. Many fall ill to those with the biggest bullhorns. I urge those to step back and see the harm being done. Stand up for what is right, but don’t destroy in the meantime. The cost of destructive protests has a domino effect, whereas you and I will pay for it many years down the road, whether in insurance or security.

There will always be haters, and people who fuel the flames of hatred, but I urge everyone with moral conscience to rise above the insanity. Take the higher road. If all conservatives or Trump supporters were racist, the country would have ended by now. But that is far from the truth. Trump supporters care about America and the livelihood of every American. Christians, republicans, and conservatives are just as imperfect as non believers, democrats, and liberals. Let’s stop labeling each other.

Let’s stop the insanity before the United States of America becomes no more. We need to understand our history to improve on our future. Sadly most young people don’t know our country’s history. They don’t fully understand democrats for many years tried to keep blacks and women down. Democrats favored slavery and segregation, started the Ku Klux Klan, and opposed women voting. It’s sad but true.

Many people in America will do their best to erase 2020 from their memories. It’s the year of the mask, the pandemic, political divide, social and civil unrest. People have lost their jobs, several businesses have closed. For those who don’t have hope or trust in God, it would appear America is going to hell in a hand basket.

But America is resilient. We will rise above the ashes. Common sense and Godliness will prevail. We must always continue to strive toward brotherhood and sisterhood, to love our neighbor (no matter their color) as ourselves.

Last words. I support the BLM. Black Lives Matter. Blue Lives Matter. Bisexuals Lives Matter. Billionaires Lives Matter. Bullies Lives Matter. Babies Lives Matter. BLM can stand for several things, but when you add it all up it still comes to ALM aka All Lives Matter. We’re all made in God’s image and he doesn’t look on us any different. Of course our sin in another matter entirely.

I further urge Americans to research Marxism, socialism, and communism. No societies where those political ideologies have been prominent have existed. The people have resisted. Capitalism, while not perfect is by far the most ideal form of democracy, all others are government controlled, and no one wants good old Uncle Sam or your local states calling the shots.

2020 is the term they use for perfect eyesight. I feel our vision has been deeply clouded this year. Many of us are looking to 2021 to be the year of recovery. No more masks, no more violent protests. We hope 2021 is the year we can gather together in church, school, and restaurants without wondering if we are properly six feet apart. I for one am going to burn any and all masks I have when science says the coast is clear.


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