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The Lonon Foundation Announces Virtual Format for Annual Hike for Mike Fundraiser



Press Release

The Lonon Foundation, a Charleston nonprofit that provides resources to children affected by their parent or caregiver’s cancer, is excited to announce that their annual fundraising event, Hike for Mike, will be virtual this year.

The fourth annual Hike for Mike will take place Friday, October 2 – Sunday, October 4. With the virtual format, attendees have the flexibility to choose who they hike with and where they hike, such as going on a nature walk, visiting one of their favorite trails, or simply taking a walk around their neighborhood. Information on options for Lowcountry trails are available on the organization’s website.

“When I founded The Lonon Foundation and we hosted our first Hike for Mike in 2016, we wanted to ensure that at its core, the Hike embodied two of the things most important to Mike: family and time in the outdoors,” says Anna Lonon, The Lonon Foundation President and Founder. “Although COVID-19 has had enormous impacts, it’s also given us the opportunity to host a Hike for Mike that upholds the organization’s founding values in their purest form.”

In addition to supporting the organization’s values of time with family and time in the outdoors, the Virtual Hike for Mike is also the Foundation’s annual fundraiser. All proceeds from the event will go to support the organization’s needs-based grant program as well as their UPLIFT program.

The needs-based grant program was started during the coronavirus pandemic to alleviate the added strain COVID-19 place on families – mentally, socially, spiritually, physically, and financially. Grant funds help families with food, hygiene products, medication, medical supplies, and other everyday needs. The Lonon Foundation’s UPLIFT program is a free monthly program for children ages  5-17 who have a parent or caregiver with cancer. UPLIFT monthly sessions are being delivered virtually this fall.

Proceeds from the Hike for Mike will go towards supporting the 42 families and 67 children that the organization serves. To participate in the Hike or make a donation, click here.

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