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The Awesome Android 11 Features you need to know



The 2020 Android system is now stable and official. And if you have you been wondering what the IOS system has to offer you, surely we have some awesome features about Android 11 that you need to know before we call it a wrap for 2020.

The new version is surely on its way and it will cater for manufactures that include OnePlus, Xiaomi, Realme and many others.

For better or worse, the Android 11 is not different from Android 10 version. In as much as you might not see the difference between the two, surely there will always be that little extra you will notice. And we are going to guide you through that.

Android 11 Screen Recorder

There are various apps available on Google Play Store that will enable you to record your screen. Now, life has been made very easy for you. There is no more hassle of looking for the best screen recorder app. Android 11 will make it exciting still with the best version of screen recorder. It’s also compatible with online casino high roller sites.

Media Controls

On Android 10 mobile phone, the music player show up at the top of the notification drawer. And with Android 11 that section is now reserved only for conversations. Therefore, the media player needed to move regardless.

This kind of change makes a lot of sense simply because the media controller is not really a notification. Rather it is a tool and some can call it a mini-app. You can use this feature playing casino games at golden riviera casino online.

Smart device Controls

Google keeps on doing wonders when it comes to improving services. And they have done that with the Android 11. They added a section in Android 11 that permits you to simply control several devices without any need of opening the app. All you can do is hold down the power button and launch the new tool.

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