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What Goes on Behind a Live Casino: The Mechanics of Live Dealer Games



For many players, the live casino is the closest alternative to the animated atmosphere of a land-based casino. These live table game sessions are played in real-time and anchored by professional dealers or croupiers. By offering the best features of the land-based casino combined with the online experience, live casinos are fast becoming a popular choice among online players. However, not much is known about how this online gambling platform.

While most players focus on enjoying the authentic feeling and the excitement that comes with these fast-paced platforms, others wonder what really goes on behind the virtual lobby. In this article, we are going to shed more light on the world behind live casinos.

Live-Stream Technology

Similar to an actual casino, live casinos offer players the chance to play with a real dealer and gamble with other players from all over the world. This experience is enabled by the live-stream technology called Optical Camera Recognition (OCR). With the aid of the OCR, every event in the live room is broadcasted to all the participants in real-time.

In addition, the OCR is responsible for sending crucial information to the dealer and all the players. In case you ever wondered how the state-of-the-art mechanics and gameplay of your favorite table games came to be? The OCR ensures honest game processes and allows detailed information about the game to be communicated in real-time.

The Essentials of Live Casinos

There are other crucial factors that contribute to the smooth-running of a live casino and these things must be in impeccable conditions to produce a quality live dealer casino experience.

  • Game Control Unit – The game Game Control Unit (GCU) is the device that allows the electronic encoding of the video of the game. The GCU is an important device every live dealer should have.
  • Live Dealer Casino Wheels – In some online table games such as the Roulette, a virtual wheel is used. But, in some cases, a real wheel is used. With the help of the configuration system, live casinos can use wheels that have in-built sensors that enable the operators to interlink with them.
  • Monitor – In addition to smooth gameplay, quality graphics make a live dealer game more enjoyable. With monitors, every activity in the game is recorded in detail and broadcasted in a clear picture (with the aid of cameras) to the players, to assure them the game is as transparent as it can be.
  • Camera – Cameras enable a clear view of the wheels, tables, and everything used during a live game session. One can say that cameras are the basic requirement for a better experience in an online casino game.

For Australian players who are ready to dive into the exciting world of live casinos, there is a variety of casinos that offer live dealer rooms like – Online casino Australia real money. These casinos are known for their exciting live dealer games such as Live Roulette and Blackjack.

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