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What You Need to Know About Hunting Overnight



Hunting is an ancient activity that has been part of human existence for thousands of years. Whether you are 15 or older, hunting provides an opportunity to share outdoor experiences with family and friends while gathering food at the same time. However, hunting particularly at night without proper preparation can be dangerous as it can result in fatal injuries and even death.

Here are a few things you will need to be familiar with to ensure a successful overnight hunt.

  1. Do Your Research and Find Out About Hunting Restrictions

Before you set out to go hunting at night make sure that you are prepared. Do your research and read all the hunting regulations of that particular area you are headed to. Find out how close to homes you can hunt and which animals are illegal or legal to hunt. If you can, be sure to enroll for an online hunter safety course so that you can be better prepared to prevent accidents and save lives. ilearntohunt offers Florida-approved hunter safety education that is online and interactive.

  1. You, Will, Need A Wall Tent to Protect You from The Harsh Weather at Night

There are a few things that are as breathtaking as standing quietly behind a bush in a dark night waiting to shoot down a target. However, even the most successful hunting night can turn into a disaster if the weather suddenly turns cold or a thunderstorm suddenly appears. This is why you should be prepared and always bring with you some tents for hunting

As a well-prepared overnight hunter, always ensure that you carry your wall tent with you to provide you with shelter even in the harshest weathers of the night. Good cotton canvas is always a preferred choice since it is breathable and allows for airflow into the tent. Good quality waterproof Cotton canvas will keep you warm and dry even in the worst rainstorm.

  1. Invest in A Good Backpack

If you intend to hunt big game, then you must have a backpack. A good backpack should be big enough to carry all the items you need including the meat after a kill, yet it must remain light, nimble, and easy to carry over mountains and across fields. Before you buy a hunting backpack, take time to read reviews online and find out which brands are more durable, affordable, and highly recommended by other hunters.

  1. Carry Enough Water to Keep You Hydrated

You will need many things to survive an overnight hunting expedition, but drinking water definitely tops the list. Be sure to carry and drink enough water to prevent dehydration. Water can also keep you alive during an emergency as you wait for medical assistance. However, drinking frozen water in extreme temperatures can drop your body temperature and make you sick. To keep your water from freezing at night, ensure that you insulate your bottles so that you can sip on something warm throughout the night.

  1. Carry Proper Lighting

Lighting for overnight hunting has come a long way over the years. Gone are the days when hunters would hang strings of Christmas lights on trees to illuminate the path so that they could see the animals as they got closer. Nowadays, more sophisticated tools such as night observant devices, image intensifies and thermal imaging are available to make your night hunting more successful. If you do not have this technology, do not worry; a simple light mounted on your gun or a head torch that you can attach to your hat can suffice as well.

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