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Online Gambling in South Carolina



South Carolina is not known for being the most accepting US state when it comes to gambling in general, never mind online gambling. Despite this, many people in the Eastern state love to have a punt on casino games, sports betting and many other forms of digital, internet-based gambling games. What is the current state of affairs regarding online gambling in South Carolina? Is anything likely to change in the near future? As ever, we take a look and find out.

What’s the Current State of Play?

As of right now, South Carolina’s gambling laws have put paid to most forms of gambling – online or otherwise. Lotteries and charity games are squeaky clean, but that’s about where it ends. South Carolina is notoriously strict when it comes to gambling. The state believes that gambling corrupts its citizens, leading to lower morals and increased crime. This is not a new occurrence. South Carolina has felt this way for over two-hundred years. Despite this, there are options available. Myrtle Beach and Little River offer casino games via “cruise” style venues. You can find most games there, save for poker.

Possible Changes in the Future

Most US states tend to turn a blind eye to offshore casino sites. In practice, US players tend to sign up to foreign casinos licensed out of Curacao, as these do not fall under the jurisdiction of US law, and most states have no laws preventing their citizens from signing up and playing at these international casinos. South Carolina, rather notably, does. According to the South Carolinian gambling laws, it doesn’t matter where you play, how you play or where you do it – gambling is gambling, and it is illegal.

There is hope, however. Unlike many US states, there are currently no tribal casinos in operation. These typically run on Native American reservations and are not subject to US law (or state law) to the same degree. In many of these reservations, gambling is often used as a great way to bring in revenue for the Native American communities. This is one move which has gained traction in the state. Another is a sports betting and horse racing bill which was established in 2018. The financial reward for legalising these form of gambling is appealing, especially when citizens in South Carolina will engage in sports betting whether it is legal or not.

The Likelihood of Anything Happening

Thus far, nothing has come of the proposals for Native American run casinos or legalised, licensed and regulated sports betting and horse racing. It is tough to see South Carolina budging on its centuries-old stance of gambling being a terrible vice. However, if there is to be any kind of legal gambling in the state, it is most likely going to be in those fields. The chance of seeing South Carolina-friendly casinos added to in the near future isn’t great, but at least there are the rumblings of change off in the distance.

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