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Where mobile tech is improving



Mobile tech has been massively improving since the start of the twentieth century. It is still astounding to think that almost the entirety of human knowledge can be accessed at almost any time thanks to small portable devices that we carry around in our pockets.

Despite how far mobile tech has already come, it is continuing to improve, and this list is a compilation of all the areas in which it continues to get better.


The first area where mobile tech continues to evolve and impress is service. In the beginning of mobile usage, calls would regularly drop, and it would be difficult to keep speaking with someone, but nowadays it is only deep in the countryside and in tunnels or underground that service ever fails. Not only that, but sound is more often than not clear, and calls are now high quality.


Although it is only just beginning to be rolled out, 5G represents some of the fastest download and internet speeds, similar to high quality Wi-Fi. The difference with 5G is that it will be available anywhere you go, and it could be a game changer for a number of industries.

It is also worth saying that 4G continues to develop and offers its users very fast internet usage already. Although 5G would be a big improvement, 4G already represents great speed and power.

Processing Power

Although it is true that you can easily access Google and Facebook on your mobile phone, some websites require more processing power and are, for now, only available on laptops, and for the most complex websites, only on desktops.

This could all change as the mobile technology continues to be developed in places like Silicon Valley and mobile phones become more and more advanced. This will lead to being able to access the most complex websites, for example many modern live casinos like Findbettingsites casino use complex graphics which eat up computing power and this is where modern mobiles have flourished. If this is coupled with 5G, then people could be wandering around with super computers in their pocket.

Processing power will not just affect access to complex websites, it will also improve the mobile’s overall performance. Right now, mobile phones become almost obsolete in a matter of years but some are hopeful that developments in this area could lead to mobile phones being owned and used for years and even decades. This would however not be ideal for the companies that are trying to sell their phones, so whether this happens remains to be seen.


Mobile phones keep getting newer and better features. Some advances such as GPS localisation have already been happened but are becoming more refined, and personal phone assistants are becoming better and better. It is not a big leap of the imagination to envision a time where almost anything can be done by just speaking to your mobile phone.

Mobile Applications

App developers are constantly innovating and creating new apps, in completely different areas. For example, mobile games are becoming better and better. It is starting to become possible to play with people in bigger servers and graphics are better than ever, but workout, work and leisure apps are also improving at massive rates.


One area in which mobile technology has taken massive steps already is in photography and camera work. Some mobile phone’s cameras are capable of producing incredibly crisp photos and capturing landscapes, sunsets and even night skies with frankly phenomenal accuracy.

Not only that, but features such as slow motion, massive zooms and more are being featured on most new phones and this will only be developed further in the future.

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