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The Benefits of Using a Local Screenprinter



Finding the right printer for your t-shirts or apparel may seem challenging at first. But then, the truth is, most of the time, it’s not too difficult. Often, the custom t-shirt company you need is the one right around the corner from you. Think about it; not only is your local printer within driving distance, but chances are they also know exactly what you need. Moreover, given the current state of things, outsourcing your screenprinting jobs halfway across the country may just mean missing your deadline or event. In fact, there’s a multitude of reasons you should use your local screenprinter. Let’s go over all the major benefits that come from utilizing your local screen and t-shirt printer.

A front row seat to your t-shirts/apparel production

One of the main advantages of working with your local printer is that you don’t have to sit and wonder about your finished product. In other words, if you want to pop in and see how things are going, or touch and feel your first batch of shirts, you can. Plus, since your local printer is only a few minutes away from you, a prototype can be hand-delivered the same day without incurring any shipping cost.

Great minds think alike.

Furthermore, as briefly mentioned, your local printer is more likely to understand your needs. Having the ability to drop off samples, go over potential designs, and give in-person feedback means everyone can be on the same page. Likewise, if your custom t-shirt is for a local event, then your printer will likely be able to provide relevant suggestions. What’s more, last-minute changes or finishing touches tend to go better with everyone when you work with the printer you know.

Rush custom orders are doable.

Along those same lines, rush orders and custom designs with quick turnaround times are generally no problem at all. Normally, when you place a rush order or a last-minute custom design request, you can expect to pay additional fees and hefty shipping costs. However, when you support your local screenprinter, any upcharges will likely be minimal at best, and any changes in shipping costs are unlikely since you can just pick up your order as soon as it’s done.

Affordable across the board

Similarly, your local printer tends to be less expensive than a big-name online printing company located thousands of miles away. Smaller printers are also more affordable when they are locally based. Even if the printer in your area has made quite the name for themselves, chances are you won’t be overpaying for your custom t-shirt order. Plus, when you factor in the lack of shipping (or the reduced cost of shipping) on an order across town versus another state, you’ll definitely see some savings.

Hassle-free delivery or pick-up

Yet another benefit of working with your local screenprinter is the streamlined logistics. Your order can be delivered to your doorstep in record time, or you can stop by and pick up a smaller order. This makes a world of difference for most people, since waiting for your merchandise to be delivered and on time these days can be somewhat nerve-racking. You also don’t have to worry about your t-shirts getting lost in the mail, which is definitely a bonus.

Tried and true

Besides shipping nightmares, outsourcing your screenprinting jobs can also lead to other problems. For instance, the quality may not be what you expected, or the fit could be off, and there’s simply no time to have the shirts redone. Moreover, if you’re disappointed with your order and the company you outsourced it to is willing to give you a refund, you still have nothing to show for it. When you work with a printer you know, then there are typically no surprises or issues.

Excellent custom service

Likewise, if you have a problem, your local screenprinter will be more likely to resolve your issues because you can see the product in person, call, and stop by.  Furthermore, a local printer knows that a large portion of their business comes from word of mouth. Consequently, having a disgruntled or unhappy customer who can spread the word locally is something to avoid at all costs.

Supporting local businesses

Choosing the printer around the way also means you’re supporting local businesses, which we all know is simply good etiquette. Now more than ever, local economies need to be supported. You can rest assured that you’re doing your part when you decide to go with your local t-shirt printer.

National online companies use local vendors, anyway.

You may be surprised to know that many big-name online printing companies use local printers, especially for custom orders. Therefore, you’re likely just paying more for something that your local printer is handling, anyway, without the personalized service and quality control at the end of the day.


Last but not least, shopping locally means you’re helping to reduce your carbon footprint. Think about it; larger, nationwide printers ship all over the country and may even outsource various steps of the screenprinting process. Local printers tend to do more things in-house and ship orders closer to home. As a result, you’re helping to cut back on gas emissions and product waste.

Final Thought

Ultimately, a local printer can provide you with the attention to detail that a custom t-shirt order generally requires. Moreover, you have a real opportunity to be more involved in the entire process. Nevertheless, if this is your first time considering your local printer, you may have a few questions or concerns, which is perfectly okay. Ask around, read reviews, and see if your local printer can meet your needs. You can also check out Thrive Screenprinting online at or contact a knowledgeable, local Thrive team member for a quote, answers to general screenprinting questions, and for further assistance.

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