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How to Accurately Put Holes on Targets While Shooting



Whether you are hitting the range for fun, home defense, or in line of duty, you want every shot to be accurate. On most occasions, you do not have much time to practice your shooting. This makes you want to get the most of your time when you get to the range.

Getting better is vital since you are ultimately responsible for the protection and defense of your life. Certain fundamentals are crucial in helping you perfect your shooting skills.

1. Shooting Stance

Many people think that the way you stand does not affect how you shoot. Surprisingly, it is the foundation of everything. Chances of messing up are high if you have a shaky base. Also, loud explosions and recoil have a way of messing things up. A comfortable and stable stance that tilts a little forward to manage recoil will contribute to that accurate shooting you are targeting. As you advance your skills, you can incorporate technical viewpoints such as weaver and isosceles that make variations to the foot placement and flexes your arm. Choose the stance that makes you feel comfortable.

2. Sight Picture

It is immensely helpful to keep both eyes open. It will help you match the top of the front sight with the top of the rearview. It may be difficult at first, especially if you are used to shooting with one eye open. However, once you master it, you gain more situational awareness and reduce eye fatigue. You first need to figure out which eye is dominant to adjust your sights closer to it, which helps decide the image to use. It’s also essential to have the best lighting for low light applications. If you need to upgrade anything to a pistol, it would be best to review sig accessories that will enable you to identify targets in low light before engaging for home defense. Edge to edge clarity is the rule in sight picture as it minimizes shadowing within the scope.

3. Handgun Grip

A firm hand grip reduces the movement of your non-trigger fingers. Do not hard grip your gun to the point that you have tremors. Your accuracy is highly dependent on how you hold your pistol. The web between your trigger finger and thumb needs to be as high as possible on the grip to facilitate the recoil of the slide’s back and forth movement. To get a high hold, you need to almost jam your hand into the blackstrap to minimize gun flipping with the recoil in a low grip. Your forearm needs to be in line with the gun to absorb more recoil since there is a piece of metal moving back and forth on top of the pistol. Holding your firearm at a slight angle feels more natural; however, avoid it at all costs. The space for your non-dominant hand needs to be filled with your other hand to maximize your grip.

Ensure that there is a 45-degree angle between the handgun slide and your non-dominant hand.  This will give you a straight point towards your target. To keep everything steady and prevent limp strain, set your wrists at an angle when punching both arms. Remember always to experiment to see what feels more natural for you.

4. Trigger Control

Trigger pulling is the most crucial part of everything.  Your Squeezing needs to be deliberate and smooth. It should coincide with breathing breaks and your sight target. It is advisable to squeeze super slowly without yanking on it, since yanking tends to send the shots off. The slower you pull, the better the shots. Trigger finger position is a personal preference, but it needs to be between your fingertip’s top quarter.

The ideal pull should be utterly straight back, and only your first two joints of your trigger finger should be moving and shooting when closer to the first joint isolates the third section of the trigger finger and gives good leverage.  It also minimizes any outward pressures from your finger that may cause undesired movement. Always work with what feels best.

5. Breathing Control

Focus on breathing naturally to avoid messing things up as a result of holding your breath. Breathing causes body movement but holding breath causes shaking. You should fire at your breathing breaks, the top or bottom of your breathing cycle. Practice breathing in and out consciously. This will make you notice the natural breaks for the perfect shot between breathing in and out.

6. Trigger Reset

Most people immediately lift their fingers off the trigger after each shot, which is a huge mistake. Always take your time and avoid lifting your finger off quickly. It will help you in resisting too fast shooting and jerking the trigger. Taking time between your shots makes it easier for the next shots as it minimizes your gun’s excess movement.

Practice holding your trigger until the shots break and release only at the point it resets. Make sure to start your subsequent shots at the reset point, not at the beginning of your trigger pull.

7. Dry Firing

Dry firing is the most effective way of improving pistol accuracy.  The beauty of it is that only your gun is required for the practice. It helps you develop muscle memory to be able to produce an excellent trigger pull consistently. It gives you confidence so that you don’t flinch when it comes to real shooting.

It would rewire you to the right shooting habits if you developed some bad habits along the way. It is a critical skill that takes a lot of perfect practice to reach your desired shoot. With a few drills on your mind, you can get high-quality practice, which is sure to improve your shooting skills.

8. Range Practice

Start range practice at a short distance since there might be a lot of effects at long yards. You can start shooting with a supported position to get accuracy and confidence. You can lean on a counter, sit down with elbows on a bench or kneel. Having paper and graphical targets help in understanding your shooting errors. Always practice with friends for better results. Look for a good range of training drills to better your natural shooting flinch.

Improving your shooting game requires a lot of practice, working on fundamentals and dry firing. Practicing from your preferred positions will help you learn your range and shooting limitations.

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