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What You Need To Know About A Staffing Agency



Want to use a staffing agency to look for work or to look for candidates to fill positions in your organisation? Here are a few things you should know.

A Guide to Staffing Agency

Congratulations on completing your college education! Now, the next step ought to be to look for work in different companies. For those who have already started the job hunt, if you ask them they will certainly tell you how tiring the process of job hunting can be. You have to look for open positions, write applications, prepare for interviews etc. All this can be overwhelming especially for candidates who left school with ‘big’ hopes of getting big jobs a month after graduation! However with the right staffing agency your dream can come true.

Signing up with the right agency in Toronto can be a big kick-start for you getting your dream job. A staffing agency doesn’t charge you a dime, it has excellent connections to potential employers across different industries and can provide you with the best career advice. But what are employment agencies and what do they do? Team Global made this easier for you to understand.

1. What is a Recruitment Agency?

It is a bridge between employers and job seekers. They are also referred to as employment agencies.

For a relationship with a staffing agency to work, clear communication should be made. That is, an employer should provide clear details about the job they are offering for an agency to source suitable candidates.

Additionally, candidates should submit honest profiles to avoid job mismatch. Some employers entrust the agency with the whole screening and placement process, while others screen candidates provided by the temp agency Toronto and choose the best.

2. Should I Use a Recruitment Agency?

Using recruitment agencies comes with a lot of perks. They can act as your advisors, especially those that are specialists in their field. They will give you tips on how to outshine others and succeed in your area without necessarily taking too long.

Additionally, they can help you in creating or polishing your resume. After it is ready, they help you in preparing for interviews. Recruiters share your resume widely with their incredible network to help you have a better chance of winning a job.

However, even as the agencies help you find a job, it does not mean you stay at home and relax. Put extra efforts and continue trying to reach as many companies as you can to see whether they are hiring.

3. How to Find Recruitment Agencies for Graduates

Most agencies deal with mid-level job seekers, requiring them to have a few years of working experience. For a fresh graduate, it can be confusing about which staffing agency to approach.

The best shot is in big agencies. These agencies take candidates nationally and help in placing them in their relevant positions.

If you are looking for a job in a specific location, find agencies within that location. Skill specific agencies can also be helpful to freshers.

4. How to Join an Agency

Joining a recruitment agency is as easy as sending an email or making a phone call. Let the agency know you are looking for a job and tell them about your qualifications.

Once the staffing agency receives your application, most of them will acknowledge they have received it and schedule an interview. They often assess your skills to confirm the information provided.

After you pass their interview, they add you to their database. In case an employer reaches out for skills matching your profile, you get contacted.

Maintain a good rapport with your temp agency Toronto by checking-in once in a while so they can see you are committed to your job search. However, do not call them too often to avoid looking unprofessional or desperate.

5. Can You Join Several Agencies?

Of course! However, you should let your temp agency Toronto know you have applied for a similar position with another agency if such an instance occurs. It helps in increasing your credibility and a smooth relationship with your agencies.

It also helps in preventing multiple submissions to the same employer under your name. Imagine the impression you will make on your potential employer. You can scare them and prefer another candidate even though you qualify for the job.

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