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Maple Street Biscuit Spicing Up Charleston Brunch



Franchised Eatery Serving Up Southern Staple With A Twist

By: Jeff Walker, Business Review

Brunch is becoming all the rage in the Holy City, as more and more Charlestonians prefer the breakfast and light lunch scene over late night dining. Over the past few years several eateries catering to brunch have sprung up throughout the low country. From Mount Pleasant to Summerville, and everywhere in between the 7am-3pm morning fare and midday menu is gaining favor.

While most focus on traditional menus, ie, eggs & bacon and hand held sandwiches, those thinking outside have become more of a niche food and beverage provider. Not exactly new to the Holy City, Maple Street Biscuit Company located at 1739 Maybank Hwy (@ Folly Rd) on James Island joined the brunch crowd back in July of 2018.

Owned and operated by local franchisees Sandy and John Powers, Maple Street’s heavenly inspired menu is centered around a southern staple, ‘buttermilk biscuits’. And although the biscuits may be blessed by a higher power, Maple Street’s mission statement is even more tastier than their bill of fare, with their overall purpose to serve others and be a part of the community.

With a welcoming dining room, Maple Street with their oversized higher communal tables is perfect for those looking for office space while enjoying early breakfast. It’s also ideal for Bible studies, prayer meetings, book clubs, and civic groups to convene in a non threatening environment, that just happens to have one of the most eclectic menus in brunch

The decor and the overall ambiance might be inviting, but it’s the signature edibles that are bringing in breakfast and lunch lovers in by the droves. The main reason is due to Maple Street’s catchphrase ‘southern food with a twist’, which is shortened restaurant code for ‘everyday affordable delicacies created with a spin’.

Whether you have a sweet or savory craving, you’ll find several menu items to your liking at Maple Street. What regulars are crowing about is the Squawking Goat Biscuit, plump and juicy chicken (lightly breaded & fried), blanketed under a seasoned distinction of goat cheese.

The Squawking Goat (SG) oozes with flavor, however it is the house-made pepper jelly (jalapeno kissed) that tantalizes the taste buds. Just the right amount of zest. Not quite a five alarm fire, but one easily subdued when complementing the entree with some fresh squeezed orange juice. The SG is listed among the Guilty Pleasures on the Food Network. A personal favorite.

Another of my favs is the Five aka fried chicken breast, bacon and cheddar cheese stuffed between two halves of a fresh biscuit, and smothered in stick to your ribs sausage gravy. A quintet of your favorite southern foods all on one plate. It may not be vegan friendly, or heart healthy, but it damn sure has a low country appeal.

The Bluegrass Grits (hominy), another southern staple are blended using cream cheese and butter, under a delicate melange of pecan wood smoked bacon, sunny side up egg, cheddar cheese, and chives with a hint of hot sauce. Your mouth has never awaken to such an explosion of flavors.

Maybe you just want to satisfy your sweet tooth, than I would opt for a Little Grace, half of a chocolate chip waffle with strawberries, powdered sugar and whipped cream. Ideal for the little brunch lovers in your party, as are the ‘never hear your kids complain about’ nuggets and chicken biscuits.

Perhaps you prefer your meal more with a fork or spoon. You can’t go wrong with the Sunshine In A Garden Bowl, shallots & green peppers topped with feta cheese, fresh basil, two sunny side eggs and a flaky biscuit, all smothered under a mildly seasoned tomato basil sauce. No matter if you enjoy it at 8am, 10am, or noon, it will kickstart the rest of your day.

Maple Street Biscuit’s mission statement may favor and support the community, but they want food lovers to further embrace their daily dining mantra ‘biscuits aren’t just for breakfast anymore’. Drop by early, pop in mid morning, or stop in for lunch, if you love really good food crafted around awesome buttermilk biscuits, than Maple Street Biscuit Company will not disappoint.

Come to the counter, place your order, have a seat and wait for them to call you up. Bring a book, or a small book club, have a cup of coffee and do some mobile office work. Maple Street Biscuit want you to feel right at home. Open 7am six days a week, and 8am on Sunday, usually closing by 2pm.

For more on the James Island location follow them on Facebook at or visit their site at


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