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How to Know It’s Time to Add More Excitement to Your Sex Life?



Familiarity, complacency, and monotony can be detrimental to your sex life. When you get familiar or become used to your partner, there is a tendency for sex to be less exciting. Also, when we are in a long-term relationship, we think that sex couldn’t get any better than what you already have and stick to your usual routine. Over time, this can reduce the drive and anticipation for sex, and it can affect different aspects of our relationships. Having a happy and fulfilled relationship and healthy sex life is important.

Read on as we share some useful tips on how to know if it’s time to add more excitement to your sex life.

When the Sexual Experience Becomes So-so

Couples may reach the point where the pleasure and satisfaction from their lovemaking can be described as “so-so” – it’s neither very good nor very bad – at certain times. When couples are attuned to their bodies and their sexual needs, they can easily adjust their lovemaking to make it more exciting. Some couples may have gotten too used to a few sexual positions, so it’s time to explore new positions that can provide new heights of pleasure.

Also, the place, atmosphere, and mood for sexual intimacy may get too usual or repetitive that you, your partner, or both of you might need to take the initiative to introduce something new. Both you and your partner may be working and weekends can be the only days where you get to be with each other and have sex. Surprise each other and make use of those early punch outs, voluntary time off, and leaves. Develop excitement and anticipation by making surprise visits, phone calls, or sending messages about your surprise plan to get it on after work. Such breakaways from the routine can be pleasing for couples.

Enhancing the sexual performance of couples or bringing their sexual excitement up a notch through sex toys is another great option. Sex toy enthusiasts and sex experts from advise that introducing sex toys is a healthy and exciting option for couples, and they should both be open to the idea. Sex toys are a great addition to the foreplay and lovemaking of couples and can open up various sexual possibilities and achievements. Couples should be comfortable with this so as not to undermine the excitement and enjoyment they derive from sex.

When the Bedroom Becomes Too Usual

Who says sex should only be limited to the bedroom? While it’s true that having sex before sleeping can give couples a relaxing and comfortable sleep, doing it in the bedroom too often can get boring sometimes. Be open with your desires and create opportunities for sexual encounters in other areas outside the bedroom. Seeing your partner wearing nothing but a towel or bathrobe and getting ready for a bath can be a turn on, and you should act on it to get both of you in the mood for a hot and steamy shower or bathtub sex.

Late-night TV watching on the couch can be a good opportunity to get touch and feely and get into a naughty sex situation before you know. The kitchen may be an area for cooking, but it can also be where you can cook up ideas for sizzling sexual encounters. We will limit our suggestions here to encourage you to get your sexual imagination and creativity run free and explore various areas for exciting sex.

When There’s a Sexual Fantasy You Want to Try

All of us may have a sexual fantasy or two and most of the time, our partners don’t know about them. Healthy communication between partners is a good channel where both of you can gradually open up the topic about your sexual fantasies and how you may put it to play during sex. Keep in mind, though, that different couples have different levels of openness and comfort in discussing such topics, so it is always a good call to encourage each other to open their hearts and minds before proceeding with the discussion.

Psychologists say that opening up and fulfilling or deep desires and fantasies, especially when it comes to sex, can relieve our pent-up sexual tensions and frustrations in our subconscious minds. It can be a liberating and fulfilling experience that can improve our personalities, our outlook in life, and our general disposition. Discussing private things such as our sexual fantasies help us to feel better and also bond with our partners on a deeper level emotionally. The best part is having sex that plays out your fantasy scene can bring you to amazing heights of sexual excitement and satisfaction.

Couples do experience periods of sexual lulls in their relationships. While it is a normal experience, it should be addressed properly and immediately to avoid complications in their sex life later on. Keeping the honeymoon phase can be a struggle over time for couples, but there is much room for them to explore to make sex more exciting and pleasurable. Remember to keep a healthy dose of communication, openness, creativity, adventures, surprises, and variety in your sex life always to make it worth looking forward to and enjoying.

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