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Jewelry Designer Accepts Challenges & Moves Forward



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By: Claudie Benjamin, Guest Writer

A combination of perseverance, creativity and advocacy for local business is the key to success while faced with the current Covid period-related challenges.

Jewelry designer Haley Holzworth’s mastery of all three elements is keeping her business, Hermosa Jewelry, going strong.

Haley designs and manufactures each piece locally in her studio. Selling her wares through her website and her small, adorable boutique off Coleman Boulevard, Haley says she’s “working her butt off, but is seeing results.“

She has developed a loyal following for her dangling earrings and unique pendant necklaces. These attract attention, but are never over the top.  The look is timeless, and at the same time contemporary and very wearable, whether with jeans and a T-shirt, or silk slip dress. A strong advocate for small local businesses, Haley never tires of reminding those she encounters to shop local.

Hermosa Jewelry prominently features semiprecious gemstones and freshwater pearls of all shapes and sizes as well as chains of varying lengths and textures.

Haley’s personal take on natural elements such as gilded oyster and mussel shells are a signature feature of her ongoing expanding collections.

Credit: Aneris Photography (

Haley also leans toward incorporating quirky items in her designs, for example a selection of earrings constructed from actual Fender guitar picks.

In this pandemic moment, Haley has pivoted into making chic and classy mask chains that are designed to be adaptable to become holders for glasses or sunglasses.

This new product launch brought her to the attention of two men from the Charleston area who asked: “Do you have mask holders and a jewelry line for men?”  When the response was “No”, this creative duo were ready to join forces with Haley to develop such a line, filling this gap in the market for mask holders…..with possibly more to come.

This prospect creates an appropriate cause for celebration as the Hermosa Jewelry Shop marks its third birthday.

And, on the subject of birthdays, Haley embraces being a source of gifts for exciting life events like weddings, anniversaries, graduations and going away to college.

“Every celebration merits a special gift” is an idea that Haley shares with many customers who return time after time to make purchases for themselves and for friends.

Credit: Aneris Photography (

Haley started creating jewelry as a ten-year-old, repurposing vintage jewelry she inherited from a family friend who had collected pieces throughout the world.  She began by desconstructing the old jewelry and integrating new beads she purchased from the local bead store in town.

From that early start, making small  gifts for friends and family, selling as a sideline while in college and moving on to today, Haley proceeds into the future regularly creating new designs and business concepts. She also continues accepting custom and wedding jewelry projects each week.

Hermosa Jewelry is located at 307 Simmons Street in Mount Pleasant. You can learn more at

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