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10 New Video Ideas to Rise Up Your TikTok Fan Base



If you are about being popular on TikTok then you have to be creative and smart and your videos also should be. Nowadays, everyone knows that TikTok uses by creative people to sharing and recording their videos. Then what makes some people crawl up very fast and gain tons of TikTok followers in just a short amount of time? Do they really buy TikTok video views?

That’s exactly where you are able to use your creativity and your extremely unique mindset!

Do not worry if you just have started. Now we would show you ten new video ideas which would help to increase your TikTok fan base might be such a great opportunity for you to improve and enhance your TikTok content for greater followers:

Pay your Attention to Branded Hashtag Videos

Branded hashtags were created not just for fun but also for real and instant results that might go above and beyond your expectations. Nowadays, most social media experts (especially those who focus on TikTok) suggest that hashtags videos would be among the most exciting types of videos and can go viral in no time.

Share an Educational & Informative Video

An educational and informative short video on Tiktok became the second easiest and intelligent TikTok video ideas. You have no limits: you can feel free to record the content, which you would love to record. Do not worry, there would be people who would like your videos. Just give a try, and you would see how exactly it works.

Join Hands with An Influencer Within Your Niche

You cannot even imagine how it goes viral. Tiktok influencers have got a lot to deal with its progression and rapid growth across the world. You would not find the best way to join hands for a couple of videos and reach out to a TikTok influencer within your niche.

Don’t Forget about Special Occasions and Holidays

Remember that special occasions and holidays are really big bonuses for you. These days are the special days when users are always about to spend the day with their nearest and dearest, and here the moment you can come up. This is a great moment to come up with a short video regarding the great day. Much more- it works!

Come Up with An Easy, Quick, And Helpful Tutorial

It is normal if you are about recording educational and informative videos, but make a try. If you combined something useful with something fresh and joyful, it also would increase your followers count. Countless things are done in multiple phases or require step by step progress. You can make just a simple “how-to” video on TikTok or pay attention to your audience and create something new and special.

Create Something Unique from Current Affairs

Remember that not only because current affairs are the most influential issues, they are important, but also they gain the most count of the target audience. This is a good chance to show up and take the audience’s attention.

Become a Part of Something Viral

You can always become a part of something that is already going viral. You can think that this is a kind of piece of cake, but it is not. Let’s say if you had to travel for two or three days to meet up, action and synergy where you can take part. Don’t worry, you will always find many other viral elements that won’t require you to travel. You do not have to worry about that because you can always find something viral that would not make you travel anywhere.

Don’t Forget the Branded Filters’ Importance

You can make your videos unique and add an exclusive value-addition to your content by using branding filters, believe you or not. After all, it would not be such a content where just you, it would always gain something interesting and new for your audience and also gain some brand engagement from the audience what would make the followers’ count much bigger because your followers would always be excited and would be interested in new content.

Through Away a Contest

It should sound not as the best idea, but it works in most cases. This is a way that would make your audience engage with your content. It could be a great way to increase your TikTok fan base.


Bring Something That Makes Sense to Society

Last but not least, you can always be worry, taking care, and do actions, especially for your society. You surely can take the information with the salt pinch, but these were the Top 10 TikTok videos ideas that would boost your followers count.

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