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Having Fun in Charleston during Covid-19 Lockdown



Charleston is an old city with a fascinating historical heritage for thrill-seekers and explorers. To many, it is known as the holy city due to its numerous old churches. There are several attractions and fun events organized all year round in Charleston, offering both residents and visitors quality time in the company of loved ones. The coronavirus has made things a little bit dull all across the world with the imposed lockdown, but in Charleston, you can still stay safe and add a little bit of fun to your day by indulging in a list of activities described below. You can explore the rapidly changing world of virtual reality, enjoy online casino games, take long walks on the beach, scope for art around town, or get on a bike and ride to the old village all the way to the Pitt Street Bridge. It would be best if you did not allow yourself to wallow in mind-numbing boredom as the pandemic rages on; you can still add a little sunshine to your days in Charleston engaging in any of these activities without risking your health.

The Virtual Tour of Local Museum 

The Gibbes Art Museum is now fully remodeled and giving free virtual tours. This is a great way to kick-start your adventure during the pandemic in the comfort of your home. The Gibbes has a long list of exciting exhibits that always lift the spirits of art lovers and curious minds. The art collection features timeless pieces put together over the decades, and your virtual tour is well facilitated with a visual and audio guide. The museum has modernized to cope with the current times, which means you can download their mobile app to get a more personalized experience.

The Virtual Swim with Wildlife

This is another exciting activity you can enjoy as a family without leaving the house. The locally famous SC Aquarium offers the virtual swim letting you into their expansive habitat, which holds more than 5,000 wild animals. Their new digital program hosts a live Facebook tour of the Sea Turtle Recovery center, salt marshes, the Great Ocean Tank, Piedmont, and so much more! This is also a free event. Visit the SC Aquarium website to learn more.

Taking in the Sights and Sounds on a Bike Ride Adventure 

This is particularly helpful for those days you feel clumped up in the house and just yearn for the outdoors. You can grab your mask, jump on your bike, and slowly paddle through town, exploring different sites taking photos of what interests you. If you do not own a bicycle, you can rent one at Holy Spokes for an affordable fee of $20. Do not forget your sanitizer. Charleston, as one of the oldest American cities, offers so much to see for explorers. Marvel at the classic architecture around town, hunt down murals spread around town from the Patch Whiskey acid monsters, restorations by David Boatwright, Charleston street art, and Shepard Fairey murals. For adrenaline junkies, they can always ride to the centuries-old cemeteries in Charleston. If this is the kind of activity that gets your heart racing, you will get a special kick from the Charleston cemeteries as they have long been here before America was founded. Do not miss the picturesque tree-lined pathway between Archdale and King Street at the old Unitarian Church graveyard.

Explore the Old Village              

Keeping healthy during quarantine involves eating healthy meals, social distancing, and keeping your body active with a realistic exercise routine. For merry joggers, plug in your earphones and work up a sweat running to Charleston’s old village. Take the beaten path in Mount Pleasant to get to the scenic destination. The Cooper River and Pitt Street Bridge will astound you with its picture-perfect scenery that comes in handy for Instagram lovers.

These are only a few suggestions to keep your mind off the stress of Covid-19 while in Charleston. Technology has made it possible to access some of the recreation centers via virtual reality. Other outlets like casinos have moved their operations online to ensure that gamers get their dose of fun and opportunity to make money on the side as we wait for the lockdown to be called off. Denying yourself fun in the current circumstances poses a significant threat to your physical and mental health. Choose your preferred distraction today! If you chose to go outdoors, exercise the utmost caution with all the recommended protective gear and follow Charleston Covid-19 regulations.

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