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Relaxation and Mindfulness in Charleston: Live and Online Activities to Try Out



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Charleston has increased access to activities that promote mindfulness, fitness and stress-relief. Locals can enjoy yoga, meditation and other unique experiences in various locations around the city, including their own home.

Whether in person or online, those interested in expanding their minds and bodies with tranquil activities have much to look forward to. The number and quality of venues, independent professionals and digital services available are on the rise. As a result, more and more people are discovering their engaging and relaxing capabilities.

Online Options

These are essential at the moment and, fortunately, quite abundant. Thanks to websites and apps like Glo, Charleston residents can follow sessions in yoga, pilates, chakra cleansing and even spiritual dance from their computer, tablet or smartphone. A need for more social experiences can also be satisfied. For example, TheCircle’s free psychic chat offers mindfulness and compassionate communication with one of its skilled readers of astrology, tarot and angel cards. Alternatively, many practitioners of mindfulness, from yogis to meditation experts, are happy to provide private sessions and guidance towards a more fulfilling life.

Meditation Venues

Charleston has several places offering a range of calming, nurturing activities. Meditate Center of Healing Arts is a popular choice for its humble but very effective classes. Its founder and lead instructor Andrew Shykofsky focuses on practical body, mind, emotions meditation (BMEM), while also teaching people how to navigate difficult situations and environments. The center is now opening its doors again with a few socially distanced classes throughout the week, starting with a basic Level 1 course and its traditional free introductory classes on all things BMEM. Other praised Charleston venues include Still Soul Studio and Mission Yoga, but, once again, new options often emerge. Interested parties should explore all available ideas for indoor or outdoor practice in the area in order to choose the best way to develop their meditative techniques.

Source: Unsplash

Yoga Professionals

Like meditation, this hugely popular form of fitness requires concentration and peaceful surroundings. But it also shares great flexibility in terms of locale. Yoga can be performed in a park as easily as a studio, needing only a mat and comfortable clothing. Training can also come from individual practitioners, not whole centers, which means fees can vary from service to service. Charleston-based yogi Reagan Sobel, for instance, charges $10 per person and sets up sessions in different fun places. From the Trifecta Sports Facility to the Firefly Distillery, she brings together people of all levels and demonstrates how versatile and practical yoga can be. This opens students to the mental and physical benefits of the art, but also to the potential of following their own independent journey. Discovering wonderful new places to practice and experiences to help you grow as a person is absolutely feasible, not just in Charleston, but South Carolina in general.

Locals and visitors to the city can find everything they need to engage with their favorite hobbies. Classes and events involving mindfulness, meditation, yoga and more take place here all year round, both live and online. Get in touch with appealing services and stay up to date on Charleston’s lively scene of unique activities.

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