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The Most Underrated Online Gambling Activities



What do gambling and extreme sports have in common? Action. People love that adrenaline rush when they put themselves against the odds, and emerging victorious thanks to their skills and a sprinkle of luck.

Gambling games and variants offer almost endless options for thrill-seekers that are willing to risk some pay by phone Boku credits and time for a bit of action. Sports betting, poker, and casino are all-time favourites drawing hundreds of millions of adepts around the world.

With all that said, it is no wonder that certain options aren’t the most popular because they don’t pack that rush you might get with a horse racing head to head, or when the last card beating all odds appears to make us the lucky winners. However, putting them in perspective, the following underdogs might have the power to rush your heartbeats.


eSports are the new kids in the blocks. But they are gaining quick popularity among the younger bettors, and the generations that have grown with videogames.

For the naked eye, there is no fuzz to see a lot of guys almost immobile playing video games behind their top-notch equipment. But that opinion changes once you get involved.

eSports have their inception in South Korea where Starcraft team battles drew the necessary attention to pack arenas and national tv broadcasts. Nowadays, titles like League of Legends, Dota 2, and Fornite are the ones filling railbirds in every continent, making eSport a 1.1 billion revenue industry with a 15.6% yearly growth.

And if bookies are making their odds with them, is because there is a future in it.

Esport is still a niche that needs to break through most traditional options like horse racing, and sports betting. But the Coronavirus had shown that in an age of social distancing, Esport are a sure bet.


Originally known as BEANO because of the beans used to mark the numbers, Bingo is a game that we commonly associated with the elderly, monsters. and fundraising charities. But the internet and gambling popularity changed that.

Online bingo revamped the game that we use to play thanks to astonishing graphics, unique themes, and of course, funny calls that build the antics while people around the world fight for the jackpot.

The mechanics remain the same.  90 and 75 ball games and their different variances: three in line, four corners,  X crossed, U shape and full house as the most popular. Online bingo games become attractive as they are more fast-paced, frequent, and accessible, with the possibility of playing multiple cards across several halls for just a few pennies.

With mobile gaming, younger players are now more fond of the game as they love making the calls, with modern connotations like number six “little mix” and number eight “tinder date” while competing with their friends for the jackpot, bringing a more dynamic twist to this family favourite.

Social Gambling

For many who gamble every day for a living, it is easy to forget why we start gambling:  because it’s fun!

Social gambling condenses the fun background with mechanics of the most popular or niche gambling games, with players losing nothing more than their temper when longtime rivals scale up the positions in the scoreboard.

Facebook is where this type of gambling first saw the light thanks to Zynga Poker. Nowadays the list of titles is endless, and the industry revenues are expected to be $5.89 Billion in 2022, being in-game item sales the name of the business.

In the social media world, people love to compete and popularity is the de facto currency. With people bragging their 5 figure likes and shares, a question appears: how much are willing to pay to keep it that way?

Those who lack the skills or need a little help to be on the top-tier can buy power-ups, and in-game currency in order to be the number ones in their social media friend list.

For others, having the best score is not enough. They need to be unique, attractive. To accomplish it, people spend quite a dough on the latest skins and accessories to make its avatar (your in-game personification) a “like” collector and the envy of rivals.

Of course the above are the most extreme cases. Just remember, is only a game. Have fun.


“You can’t expect to win the lottery if you don’t play it”, says a popular adage across generations. Of course, it is hard to believe considering that is more likely to be hit by a lightning strike than winning the big prize.

However, if you think that the lottery is a waste of money and trees but secretly want to be one of the lucky winners, you can also play it online without increasing your carbon footprint.

There are several options to take a shot, national lotto, Powerball, raffles and scratch cards (my favourites). Just sign to your national lottery online provider and purchase all tickets you want!

And what about oversea lotteries?

Although you can buy tickets from literally everywhere, you must make your purchase in the country of origin for that lottery in order to be valid. This means that any ticket bought overseas, even if it wins, can’t be claimed.

But where’s a will there’s away. Online lotteries and bookies allow you to bet over the result in the same fashion you’ll do with a real ticket. Allowing an almost infinite market for punters to bet with.

Because It seems too good to be true, many will think of the dreaded four words: s-c-a-m. Of course, there’s THE possibility! However, you must verify if these sites are under strict gambling jurisdictions like the Gibraltar Gambling Commission, the Malta Gaming Authority, and of course, the UK Gambling Commission. These are the ones that can assure you the legitimacy of their activities and the ones you can rely on in case of any dispute.

Final Thoughts

Only because some type of gambling is not popular doesn’t mean it is less fun. In fact, the beauty of any gambling activity (besides a nice check on your name) is having fun with those who share the same passion as you. So give any of these a try, you might get surprised.

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