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Are There any Differences Between Pokies and Slots?



There could be no big difference between pokies and slots. It’s all about the slang, people in Australia and New Zealand refer to the slot machine as a pokie which is not similar to the other names. If we reflect back in the Australian history, we find that during the early days of about 1900, one of the first games to be introduced was called the poker machine games which was by then the slot machine.

Other countries or places could refer to this type of game as video poker games but the word pokers were so popular to many around New Zealand and Australia. This is because of the great ties the two countries have had for a very long time hence doing a few of their things in a similar manner. The two countries have a lot of resemblance including that in the colour of their flag and the slang of their country among many more.

Who Uses the Word Pokie and Who Slot?

If you are planning for a future trip to New Zealand, or even to Australia, then you will need to know some little slang so that you do not end up mixing people with the new terms demanding different things. It may be hard for a person who frequently gambles at online casinos with Poli or Skrill deposit to understand that a slot machine may be referred to as a pokie but if you have been in the two countries then getting what it meant could be walking in the park.

At times it’s good to familiarize with different forms of jargon and slang so as it may become easy to manoeuvre and understand each other easily. You may get lost for a simple pronunciation issue or even for the slang case, understand differently compared to what the real word could mean.

Origin of the Word Pokie

Instead of calling it a poker machine, people from New Zealand and Australia call the slot machines pokies. The name was developed in the early days of 1900 when the slots were introduced in the country. At that time, some ideal ideas were presented to develop a five-reel machine which shall be able to simulate poker hands.

This was far much complicated compared to the classic three-reel slot machine that had previously come to the public. The process was quite long and it took some good time for the slot machines to be fully developed in the country. In those days developments went quite slow but eventually, the 5 reel slot machine came to the public after some years of struggle.

After then, people from the two countries called the slot machines pokies and it has been that way for a whirl till to date where a lot of confusion is being experienced lovers because of the slang pokies. There are plenty of places to play Pokies online.

Difference Between Pokies and slots

Pokies is the name given to the slot machines and has been identified by only two countries namely Australia and New Zealand unlike the rest of the world. The name which originated from Australian country has been understood differently by many visitors who may pronounce the name whirl searching for a table game.

In this case, it is pretty easy to understand the different slang being used by a particular country before visiting there. This is simply because you might be mistaken for a reason you may not be well aware about.

The rest of the world may not have some difference in the way they term slot machines across. Instead many countries call the game video slots instead of having it attached to other names like the case of this example. The use of the slang has made it sound a very different thing but it ideally means the same.


In conclusion, it shall be of greater importance if you will be able to understand the dynamics of the country you are visiting to avoid confusion among people. This helps one to easily get what you may need and greatly saves time.

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